What is Beauty Guide?

Malaysia's first and most comprehensive website for all your beauty and wellness related services. 

Beauty Guide aims to bring all your beauty needs to you as a one stop online solution. We aim to be the leading platform for beauty and wellness; from health to skin care to all your aesthetic needs. 

Beauty Guide will be the first of its kind in Malaysia, aiming to provide an all-encompassing guide from the best experience to the best locations wherever you are.

What is the Beauty Blog?

The Beauty Blog is our e-magazine which covers all things beauty related. Our e-magazine is divided in 4 sections which are as follows.


The Beauty section will cover discussions on everything from makeup to hair to nail design, covering all you aesthetic needs.

Spa and Wellness

The Spa and Wellness section aims to find the latest and newest treatments, ranging from hot stone massages, couples treatments to yoga classes and the best wellness packages in Malaysia. 


The Skincare section will talk about treatments for your skin, from how to care for sensitive skin types to treatments for acne.


The Features section will be interviews to learn from the experience of beauty queens, celebrities and your everyday women.