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Women We Love – Digital Maven

01 Nov 2014 / Marie Claire


Therese Schwensen
Director of Communications for Consider Digital & Managing Director of Beauty Guide

Truly a globe-trotter at heart, Therese has literally lived all over the world, traversing continents and has now settled in Malaysia to start what may be the next big thing in how people source beauty services online. The current Director of Communications at Consider Digital, a digital marketing agency, Therese is now embarking on another project close to her heart, with the conception of Beauty Guide – a digital platform where visitors are able to find an A to Z of beauty products and services all in the Kuala Lumpur area, all with a click of a button.

After feeling the need to move from her hometown of Copenhagen in Denmark, Therese found herself not just in an unfamiliar territory in Dublin Ireland, but also in an unfamiliar industry, working within the sales division of digital giant, IBM. “When I moved to Dublin, it was definitely not on my list!”

Therese ended up in KL as it was a natural progression of her adventurous spirit and discovering a need in Malaysia for digital marketing. “The vision is to be the leading marketing agency here, which is delivering the highest standards in building websites and offering digital marketing services.” By building Consider Digital with her partner, they have expanded from just a vision to a 28-man strong team in just over a year.

Therese’s key to looking good in a professional environment:
“I’m used to working in a male-centric environment. As a woman, if you want to look good, there’s a fine line between looking professional and overdoing it. When you work with men, you don’t want them to take their focus to something you don’t want them (focussing on). So be confident in what you’re doing, be very certain about your ideas and be very straight and upfront about it. Look professional, maintain your feminine side, but also behave and present yourself in a way that gains respect.”

Therese’s rule when working with men:
“You can’t cry. It’s just like the number one thing I’ve found working in a male dominant industry. When you’re working with men and when a woman starts crying…men become harsher. They would tell you to put your feelings aside and stay focussed on work. Women are more emotional at work and can take things personally whereas men are more distant.”

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