JoJoBa Group of Companies (namely JoJoBa International owns JoJoBali Health Spa, JoJoBa Reflexology & Aesthetics and Rimba Beauty & Spa) was incorporated in September 2001. With the motto of “Wellness Tourism Malaysia”, JoJoBa Spa is in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia to promote healthy, relaxing and conducive spa environment not only for tourists but also for local residents with various highly effective aroma therapy and nature herb products which ensure continuous good health and well being.

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Weekday: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am Weekends: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am Public Holiday: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am


Jojoba Variety

Dispels wind and improves digestion

Calms and sooths naturally

Detoxifies Lungs and cleanses lungs

Whitening and Moisturising

Restores skin and revitalizes

Jojoba Ylang Ylang

Normalize sebum and relieves stress

Jojoba Pure White

Hydrates and whitens

Jojoba Shirodhara

Purifies, revitalizing body and mind

Jojoba Velvet

Slims and rejuvenates

Jojoba Sengkuang

Reduces occurrence of pigmentation and acne

Jojoba Vita Tea

Antioxidation and anti-cellulite

Jojoba Cocos Spa

Improves immunization and tissues’ regeneration

Jojoba Indulgence

Scattering cold and anti-inflammatory

Jojoba Healer

Detoxifies and relieve stress

Jojoba Boreh

Expels cold and improves blood circulation

Jojoba Ayurveda

Balances energy and soothes stiffness

Jojoba Ultimate

Rejuvenates and relieves tiredness

Jojoba Harmony

Improves blood circulation and reduces muscle


Jojoba Special

Replenishes Energy

Jojoba Post Natal

Post Pregnancy total care(slimming)

Jojoba Lovely Chocolate

Captivating and anti-aging

Jojoba Royal

Enhances skin suppleness and cell activation

Jojoba Signature

Nutritious and preserves health

Jojoba Red Wine Special

Improves skin texture and anti-aging


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  • nice spa Betty, 03 Nov 2015

    Huge fan of jojoba. It helps me to relief stress

  • Activated my cells Ingrid Sam, 31 Mar 2015

    Jojoba Royal is such a unique experience, that it enhances your skin supplements and activates your skin cells


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