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SOTHY's Ampoule Full Facial with Signature Eye Treatment

It’s never too early to start eye care! Dark circles, eye wrinkles and under eye bags are the revelations of ageing.

Many people believe that eye care should be started when you reach at the age of 25 and above. However, due to the modern life routines, stress and several inner and outer factors, the above-mentioned ageing eye phenomenons can even be found amongst the youngsters nowadays. Lymphatic massage helps to improve blood circulation which takes effective results to reduce dark circles and puffy eyes. Besides, with higher reputation products, lines and wrinkles can be also reduced efficiently. 

Eye Treatment Benefits: 
• Reduces wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes
• Diminishes signs of eyes fatigue and tiredness
• Reduces the puffiness on eyes. 
• Improves elasticity of eye contour

Ampoule Facial Benefits: 
• Provides comfort & softness to the skin
• Re-hydrates & moisture matured skin
• Restore firmness 
• Soothes & calms sensations of stinging

2 hours Package Includes:
• Full eye treatment with lymphatic massage
• Eye mask
• Full facial with ampoule & machine as below:
- Welcome massage
- Cleansing
- Signature Gommage
- Steamer
- Extraction
- Deep pore cleansing
- Ampoule treatment
- Point lymphatic massage / machine
- face massage
- facial mask
- moisturizer application
- protection application

Instant Radiance Facial

It is definitely a Must-Have-Facial especially to those who needs an instant radiance skin for some special events.

A radiance skin condition performs a perfect flawless skin without enlarged pores, lines or wrinkles, uneven skin tone, or sagging skin. With a complete facial treatment from cleansing, to scrubbing, to face steam, to extraction, to signature gommage, to point massage and finally to mask, we provide you a perfect Instant Radiance Facial from SOTHYs Paris. 

• Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
• Long lasting and tightens the skin
• Moisturizes and Brightens the skin
• Gives a quick revitalize result to the skin with instant effective treatment

45 minutes Package Includes:
• Cleansing
• Face Scrubbing
• Steam
• Extraction
• Signature Deep pore cleansing
• Point Massage
• mask

Full Body Massage and Foot Spa

Release tightening muscles and tired mind is absolutely a need for the modern urbanites yeah!

With 5 types of essential oils to choose from- lavender and ginger for soothing, lemongrass, geranium and peppermint for mind-relaxing- we provide a full body lymphatic massage package which includes a lavender foot spa. Lavender is regarded as one of the well-known soothing extract in most of the beauty products. Hence, it is never wrong for you who are looking for body and mind relaxations - to give us a chance to provide you a full body & foot spa massage from now on! 

• Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression
• Removes dead skin cell and improves skin tone
• Stimulates the lymphatic system, which assists the immune system.

1 hour 30 minutes Package Includes:
• Full body massage with lymphatic open point
• 5 types of essential oils to choose from (lavender, lemongrass, ginger, geranium, peppermint)
• Lavender foot spa


Loreal Hair Spa with H2O Micro Mist Machine (any hair length)

H2O Micro Mist treatment is an advance hair hydrating treatment that being more and more popular nowadays.

From the root treatment of having healthy scalp, the treatment aims to normalize the oil secretion of the scalp in order to present you thick, strong, smooth, shiny and healthy hair. It uses the power of the water mist to penetrate the conditioning treatment into the hair. With any hair length, you are deserved to enjoy the hair spa now! 

• Maintains a healthy scalp
• Normalizes oil secretion
• Prevent dull and frizzy hair

Package includes:
• Hair Wash
• Loreal Hair Mask
• Scalp massage
• H2O Micromist machine spa
• blow dry


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  • amazing Richard, 23 Oct 2015

    the instant radiance facial was the best, i am returning ASAP

  • eye treatment Yee, 05 Oct 2015

    The eye treatment was great, saw results right away!

  • It is really instant Kelley Hays, 10 Feb 2015

    I had to go to my cousin's wedding but I was too swamped with work to be able to get ready so I went to beauty chateau for the instant radiance facial and it was amazing

  • Full body massage and foot spa alex, 01 Feb 2015

    It was a very relaxing session. The crew really knows what they are doing!


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