AsterSpring is the leading skin health professional since 1984. This established brand has more than 70 skincare centres in four countries around the region- Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. With more than 31 years of unrivalled experiences of industry know-how to provide reliable skin consultation and solution, AsterSpring have treated more than 10 million faces and have successfully helped them to achieve their skin health goals.

AsterSpring’s skin treatments are not marketed as miracle cures, but personalised skin treatments paired with cutting-edge technology to handle various skin issues that deliver results for every individual customer. All skin treatments are incorporated with AsterSpring signature skilful hand techniques to create synergetically optimised quality. 

Expect optimum results through a long-term relationship that addresses the changing needs of your skin through proper skin health management and great products you can take home with you. 

You can always trust us to help you achieve optimum skin health.

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Fundamental Facial Treatments

These essential treatments are adapted to your skin to restore, maintain, and protect for more resilient skin. Customer can choose any of the two treatments based on skin's needs.

Enhancing Facial Treatments

These effective treatments are formulated to cater to the needs of your skin, from skin detoxifying to brightening, and from anti-aging to hydrating. Our experienced therapist will recomment the right choice of the treatment after consultation from the selection of 14 treatments.

Intensive Therapies

These result-oriented therapies combine with advanced skin treating technology to further boost efficacy of the treatment. Unique blends of formulas are created in every each of the treatment that cater to the changing needs of your skin.

Specific Essentials & Add-On Treatments

These innovative add-on treatments are specifically designed to concentrate on targeted areas of the skin with our breakthrough quintessence solution.

Body & Other Treatments

These pure indulgence treatments lift the veil of relaxation and radiate with a total skin health from head to toe. Other than that, customers can enjoy specific treatments for different parts of the body including massages; such as neck firming, facial and body waxing, scalp tension relief and body exfoliation wrap .


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  • Alex, 18 Oct 2015

    Great facial treatment!!!

  • Satisfied Mia, 10 Feb 2015

    Since puberty I have been struggling with bad facial skin. I finally found what I was looking for at Asterspring. The fundamental facial treatments makes my skin look smoother, healthier and hydrated. Very satisfied.


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