Posted 05 Jun 2015

REVIEW: Strip! Waxing Salon in Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur

Treatment: Underarm wax (for men)

Location: Strip!, Mid Valley Mega Mall

Price: RM49

How it went: 

The whole waxing experience at Strip! was made as calming as possible, but I'll write my disclaimer now: it was incredibly, eyewateringly painful. 

There's no getting around it. Perhaps I'm a wimp, but from the moment the first strip was pulled off with a bundle of my hair I was struggling to take the pain. I challenge any man to get a waxing and learn what our beautiful, smooth-skinned fairer sex goes through in the name of beauty.


Before the under-arm treatment at Strip!
Anyway, Strip! worked hard to make it as pain-free as possible for me, in a number of ways. 
First of all, the wax. My technician Janice used a chocolate "hard wax" for my under-arms. It's applied the same as regular wax but as it hardens it can be pulled off as a strip, so no paper is needed. This makes it less painful, as the wax is more intertwined with the hairs. 

Secondly, the professionalism of the staff made the pain more bearable. My skin was cleaned with an antiseptic wipe before, during and after the wax. This kept it clean and hygienic and helped with the pain. Janice was exceptional in making sure the process was as pain-free as possible, and I felt relaxed with her confidence. 


After the under-arm waxing at Strip!

Janice applied Strip!'s own Ice Cream to make sure the after-burn disappeared, and it really worked. 

There was a little blood when the hair was first pulled out because my hair is thick, according to the technician. Also, the first time is the worst. A follow-up treatment in five weeks would be much less painful. We'll see! 

On certain areas of the body Janice told me strip-waxing can cause pimples initially. Not good if you have an event, so she advised to make sure you plan your waxing well in advance if you have a wedding or social event to go to.

I asked how many men are getting waxing treatments, and the numbers surprised me. 20 per cent of customers at Strip! are men, waxing everything from their chest to their back to their arms and legs. Strip! also pioneers the "Boyzilian". 

What is the Boyzilian, you ask? 

Well, it's the waxing of your nether regions, ie, your cock and balls. I'm sure it feels great down there once it's all smooth and hairless, but I'd have to take a few shots of whiskey before I got that area waxed. 

Right now, about 15 hours after my waxing treatment, my skin is as smooth as a greased bowling ball and the redness has gone down. I have to say, once the pain is over the skin does look better. 

I'll always be a hairy monkey, but if you're a man and you want to get waxed I'd thoroughly recommend Strip! - the pain will be minimised and they'll make sure to do it right. 

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