Posted 23 Mar 2015

REVIEW: Ozmosis Health & Day Spa at Bangsar | Beauty Guide

After hearing so much about their reputation, Beauty Guide's team were privileged to visit Ozmosis Health and Day Spa for an honest and hands-on experience on their exclusive treatments. Read our review from Beauty Guide's Managing Director, Therese Schwensen and our Head of Public Relations, Diane Too on their luxurious journey through relaxation and rejuvenation with Ozmosis Health and Day Spa.


Beauty Guide's Managing Director, Therese Schwensen and Head of Public Relation, Diane Too arriving at Ozmosis Health and Day Spa


The moment we arrived at Ozmosis Health and Day Spa, we felt immediately relieved from the stresses of work as we walked up the flight of stairs covered in rustic timber and inhaled the signature Ozmosis aromatherapy oils. The dim lights coupled with wooden textiles and floor, complete with beautiful greens and puddles of water, transported us to paradise, a million miles away from the city.

Ozmosis offers numerous facilities including a steam room, long bath, showers, massage and facial rooms. The treatment rooms are available at Ozmosis for bath treatment, body scrub, body massage, body wrap, bath treatment, facials, IPL & CACI treatment machines, waxing treatments and reflexology.

Ozmosis uses its Health Essentials therapeutic oils such as, Stress Buster, Relaxation, Energiser, Respiration, Sensuality and Body Shaper, which is made for anyone in the pursuit to improve overall well-being.

We chose to try the latest treatment Natural Face Lift from Ozmosis’ Spa menu, which begins with The Heavenly Warm Stone Massage, The Lymphatic Drainage Treatment, Volcanic Clay Mask, Natural Face Lift and climaxes with Aloe Vera 100% extract gel.


The treatments offered accompanied with samples of aromatherapy oils used


Our session commenced with a Volcanic Clay Mask applied on our faces which had a numbing after-effect on our skin. We were told by the therapists that the mask replaces the natural minerals in the skin, enabling it to regenerate new healthy cells.

The second part of the treatment continued with The Heavenly Warm Stone Massage, where the therapist used smooth, warm stones as a massage tool instead of using hands. The heat was immensely relaxing and helped to loosen tight muscles enabling the therapist to conduct more in-depth massages quickly. The massage therapist commenced the hot stone massage by applying oil to the body, allowing the hot stones to move smoothly along the muscles.


The treatment room, hygienic, cozy and soothing


After the hot stones have relaxed the muscles the masseuse continued the spa session with The Lymphatic Drainage Treatment, a pressure point massage. Massage therapists used their hands and fingers to ease tight muscles, tendons and ligaments. Cautious and considerate of our pain threshold, the masseuse continued with a deep pressure massage which uses quick, sharp strokes to reach inner muscle and connective tissue.

Soon after, the Natural Face Lift which refers to cosmetic acupuncture, began. Our acupuncturist had over 10 years of experience, and advised us to have 15 needles inserted into our facial muscles for approximately 20 minutes.

He executed the face lift process with care leaving us unaware of even having needles stuck onto our face. The acupuncturist informed us that the Natural Face Lift often results in more delicate and fair skin, and the reduction of facial wrinkles.


Therese Schwensen enjoying the natural firming sensation during acupuncture treatment


After the needles were removed from our faces, an Aloe Vera 100% extract gel cooling mask was placed on our face to balance out the previous series of treatments applied onto our skin. Thereafter, we ended our Natural Face Lift with cups of warm and calming ginger tea.

If you ever need a hideaway somewhere near to the city centre treat yourself to a spa session at Ozmosis Health & Day Spa in Bangsar - every little luxury counts!


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  • Olivia C Fernando 28 Apr 2015

    Ah yes, this place certainly lived up to the reviews. From the moment you walk in, it's serene, dimly lit, with bright fuscia walls and seating. You are given some tea, discuss any specifics/concerns, and choose what scents and music you'd like during your treatments. In that same room, there are tons of beauty and skin products on the wall to purchase after your treatments are over and the staff is not pushy at all! Got a facial here that was very relaxing and left my face looking like porcelain. The only think that I wasn't crazy about was I wish she was a bit more thorough with my t-zone; I had a dry patch and a breakout that I didn't touch, hoping they would take care of it during extractions, but never did. Not enough to take down a star but I'd try a different staff member next time for the facial.

  • Nesh Cva 28 Apr 2015

    Would love to try aromatherapy treatments.

  • Eng Chin 28 Apr 2015

    Awesome, Interesting, Well done Ozmosis Health & Day SPA. Will be back again soon.

  • Saiful Amir 28 Apr 2015

    I came here for facials three months ago and overall had a good experience. The place was very calm and quiet. The person doing my facial spent some time asking me about any potential skin problems I wanted her to be aware of, anything I was looking for specifically in a facial that day, etc. So she definitely cared and wanted to make sure I got what I was looking for. Since it was my first time at Ozmosis Health & Day Spa, she suggested I get a basic facial just to see how my skin would respond, but because I knew I was very clogged pore-wise that day, I asked for a deep cleaning facial instead (it's great to know that they didn't just want to sell me on more expensive packages!). The facial itself was very calming, and the extractions were surprisingly very gentle. She explained everything she was doing as she did it, so there were no surprises at all. In the end, though my face felt cleaner, I'm not completely certain that this 'deep-cleaning' facial was any more cleansing than the basic facial I've had at another spa I've been to in KL Maybe I will check out other spas in the future to see if there is a difference, or maybe it's just me in that facials don't feel like they do much for my skin long-term.

  • Najwa 21 Apr 2015

    Looks good..