Posted 04 Jan 2016

REVIEW: Derrick & Team Hairdressing at Bangsar

Derrick and Team Hairdressing is a famous hair studio in Malaysia and was founded by Derrick Ho, a professional hairdresser originated from Taiping, Perak. Since 1988, he has held a diploma in hair dressing, with speciality in international brands such as Redken, Wella, and Schwarzkopf. Since the establishment of Derrick and Team Hairdressing in year 2000, they have launched a total up to 9 outlets in Malaysia. Upon years of success, Derrick and Team went international by opening their 10th studio outlet in Melbourne, Australia in year 2010.

Annabelle and Jade from Beauty Guide were fortunate to attain a first-hand experience at Derrick & Team Hairdressing Bangsar branch during Christmas eve. Here our representatives will be giving their full account based on their experience.


We from Beauty Guide spoke to Derrick and he had personally suggested that we try their all-time best selling hair treatment called the “Redken Chemistry Shot Phase” to achieve a runway-ready hair texture and the Redken Scalp Relief treatment for scalp relaxation.

Before we begin, what is Redken Chemistry Shot Phase treatment?

Redken Chemistry is a comprehensive system of products built on strong foundation in protein and moisture, which helps to treat and transform hair through customization (via hair conditions and types) in order to deliver healthier, shinier and good looking hair. The Chemistry Shot Phase contains specialized ingredients that compensate for missing components in the hair due to chemical or mechanical distress.

The Shot Phase comes in six different formulas; Extreme, Colour Extend, Clear Moisture, All Soft, Smooth Down, and Real Control. These Six Shot Phase formulas are available only at Derrick and Team and can be used alone OR intermix up to 3 formulas to create customized treatments! How great is it to achieve customized treatments according to your hair types?

Upon arrival at Derrick & Team Hairdressing in Bangsar, we met Derrick in person and we were given a very warm welcome whilst being escorted in the studio to our designated seats. It was a rather busy day as it was Christmas eve, many wanted to get their hair done too! Nevertheless, Derrick and his hairdressing team were absolutely patient and generous in sharing their knowledge with us regarding the full treatment procedure.

The Redken products used for our hair treatment

First off, we were given a consultation on our hair condition by their professional hairstylists, Derrick himself and Aman, about which of the six Shot Phase formulas to use. Since we (both Jade and Annabelle) have completely different hair types, it was suggested that Jade were to undergo the treatment with the 3 Shot Phase consisting of Extreme (for distressed hair), All Soft (for dry/brittle hair), and Color Extend (for color-treated hair) and Annabelle the 2 Shot Phase consisting of All Soft and Color Extend, and Redken Diamond Oil treatment to add strength and shine. Reason being is that in contrary to Annabelle’s already fine and smoother hair, Jade’s hair texture is drier and damaging from excessive hair colouring and past rebonding treatments. This causes her natural hair bonds to break even further from all the infused chemicals and high heat transfers. Hence, Jade and Annabelle both had minor differences in the Shot Phase formulas to achieve their desired results.

Derrick explaining the Redken Chemistry Shot Phase formulas

After the much needed consultation, a Redken shampoo for a healthier scalp along with a pleasant minty scent was applied and gently massaged into the scalp. Then, the rollerball hair processor stand was placed above the head for a better effect by projecting heat. After this, we were guided to the backwash shampoo unit to get our hair thoroughly washed by their hair assistants using the Redken shampoo and conditioner. While getting our hair scrubbed down, a very relaxing scalp massage was done by applying deep pressure onto the forehead and circular motions at the back of the neck. Once our hair was fully washed, we were escorted back to the seat where our hair was towel-dried leaving it slightly damp.

Scalp treatment with the rollerball hair processor

The Shot Phase formulas were mixed together (in 3 pumps for each) and shaken thoroughly into a shot shaker for a better mixture. Once the formula was mixed, our hair assistants helped to segment the damp hair into a few sections by combing through the hair for easier application. The formula was then placed on tiny segments on the hair, leaving at least 2 inches away from the scalp, to avoid any excessive chemicals absorbing into the scalp as this may cause over moistening.

After applying the Shot Phase formula all over the hair, we were left to wait for 5 minutes so that the formulas are slightly soaked into the hair cuticles. Next, around 10-15 pumps of Redken Shot Phix 3.5 was sprayed all over the applied Shot Phase formula on the hair. This ensures locking in specialized ingredients from the Shot Phase formulas onto the hair while rebalancing the hair’s pH level and sealing the cuticle to leave the hair in its most compact condition.  

Advanced micro mist hair steamer is used on Jade

Later they walked us over to a mini room enclosed with a sheer maroon curtains. It is specially for clients who undergo the micro mist hair steamer, leaving an extra privacy from the main area to get the utmost calming and relaxing treatment. From what we know, it was no ordinary hair steamer that exerts a vast amount of hot steam! This one was definitely something new for us.

The micro mist helps to open up the hair cuticles via its heated water vapour, thus allowing the molecular movement of the treatment to penetrate deep into the opened cuticle. The heating process took up about 10 minutes, but it did not feel hot at all unlike the ordinary hair steamers that we know of. Finally, the micro mist uses its unique cooling feature to rapidly send out cool vapours that seal the cuticle in order to lock the treatment agents, resulting in healthier and sexier hair texture.

After the micro mist session, the residue of the Shot Phase formula was rinsed off from the hair until fully cleaned. We were then again brought back to where we were seated to proceed with the last bits of the Redken Chemistry treatment skilfully done by Derrick himself. Before he began with the blow drying process, the Redken Color Extend Magnetics in Radiant-10 was shaken well and sprayed onto our damp hair for color-treated hair benefits like nourishment, strength, softness, protection and manageability.

Annabelle getting the high frequency electrotherapy on her scalp

Then, the high frequency electrotherapy device was used on Annabelle’s scalp, which helps improve on the blood circulation, balancing of the scalp, and to make the roots healthier. Frankly this felt slightly strange at the beginning as it felt quite buzzy and stinging. Thankfully it didn’t hurt one bit.

Lastly he sprayed on a pump of Frizz Dismiss FPF 30 Instant Deflate onto the hair as a frizz protection factor. This is a smoothing oil-serum meant for medium to coarse hair types in low to high humidity, that protects hair from heat and humidity while dismissing unwanted volume and adding extra glossy shine.  Truth to be told, we could already feel our hair feeling lighter and silkier during the hair drying process! Derrick and his team took the effort to style up our hair, with a straight sexy blow dry for Annabelle and an elegant curl blow dry for Jade.

Annabelle's before and after
Jade's before and after

As seen above, our hair textures have improved tremendously with a silkier and smoother condition by Derrick’s magic touch! With the leave-in scalp treatment earlier on, it also feels extra soothing and relieving! We were truly satisfied with the end results of the Redken Chemistry and scalp relief treatments.

Towards the end, Derrick sat down with us to provide further explanation regarding the Redken products and its benefits. Beauty Guide carried out a very brief Q&A session during that moment of time.

BG: What are the main benefits of Redken Chemistry treatment? Would you recommend it to men as well?
Derrick: This treatment provides optimum moisture to all types of hair according to individual hair conditions, which is why we will do an assessment on our clients’ hair before we proceed with the treatment. Most importantly, it provides protein to the hair and prevents it from frizziness. Both men and women can get this treatment done whenever they feel the need to.

BG: How long does the treatment process take to complete? How frequent must we come back to do the treatment?
Derrick: An hour would suffice. I would suggest once a month to get it done if well taken care of, so that you can maintain a much healthier hair throughout the year.

BG: Any types of after-care products that we need to consider after this treatment?
Derrick: We have just launched the Frizz Dismiss lotion spray 2 months ago and to our surprise, most of our clients are in love with this! So the Frizz Dismiss would be your best bet, especially in a humid country like Malaysia. You can use this after a hair wash as a leave-in treatment and will help enhance the look of your hair.

Currently at Derrick & Team Hairdressing, the Redken Chemistry treatment is priced at RM190 for the 3 Shot Phase and RM160 for the 2 Shot Phase, along with a free haircut by their skillfully-trained stylists. You may even opt for add-ons to your treatment in order to attain a better and healthier hair condition, such as the Shot Phix 3.5 (RM90), Inner Spa (RM60) or Soft Peel/Clear Close (RM50).

Get yourself pampered with exceptional and high quality hair services at Derrick & Team Hairdressing! Find out the closest Derrick & Team Hairdressing outlet at Beauty Guide.

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