Posted 27 Apr 2015

REVIEW: Anggun Spa at Hotel Maya KL

Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant twenty-four hour-alive city full of sights and sounds and people no matter what time of the day. And that’s why we love it. Sometimes, though, we just want to escape from the city hustle to relax for a little while and spend quality time with our partner.

For that, there’s the tranquil retreat of Anggun Spa at Hotel Maya, a stone’s throw from KLCC and the Petronas Towers. Once you step inside the courtyard and move up to the inner sanctuary of the hotel’s spa, time slows down and the fragrant smells of eucalyptus and rose-petals dissolve all memory of the smoky city just outside.

This weekend we experienced the Detoxification Therapy Treatment (RM480) per person, a 2.5hr experience consisting of a foot-soak, a full-body scrub and wrap, an aromatherapy bath soak and a full-body massage.


Fragrant steam bath and foot rub


Tastefully decorated treatment room


Tea was served as we entered the room, provided for by the courteous and highly professional massage therapists. The treatment room is decorated in traditional Malaysian-Indonesian style, with tasteful bamboo, pine wood and granite throughout, creating a real feeling of bringing the outside in.


Relaxing foot rub


Cozy ambiance during foot rub session


We began with a long steam bath to loosen our muscles and open the pores, setting the mood for a tranquil setting. Once we had changed into our robes we were seated for our foot rub. Fragrant eucalyptus and tea-tree oil, tingly rock salt, milk and rose-petals were poured into the wooden basins and our feet and shoulders were gently cleaned and massaged.

There were often breaks in the treatments for us to relax alone together, and we were served a delicious and soothing tea, a mixture of ginger, lemongrass, brown sugar (gula melaka) and pandan leaves during these moments. It was a very soothing experience, and one that brought us peace and tranquility throughout the session.


Invigorating body scrub


Mud body scrub for smoother skin


Following the foot-soak we were led to the table for the application of the mud body scrub. We lay on the warm and luxuriously soft beds as calming music played softly and a fragrant flower bath relaxed us further. The decadent mud body scrub created a cold, menthol-like sensation that warmed as the wrap was applied over our bodies.


Rejuvenating herbal bath


Highly beneficial warm herbal bath


 A warm herbal bath (the perfect temperature – not too hot or too cold) featuring fresh and dehydrated seven spices (lemongrass, patchouli, calamansi leaves, calamansi sliced, ginger, basil, peppermint) with herbal bath sachet had been prepared for us to remove the body scrub, and we were given time to relax in peace. As we soaked in the herbal bath, we can feel the amazing heling properties of the bath invigorate our senses and body, as it is excellent for uplifting your mood, sooth tired muscle, deodorize the body and relieve minor skin problems.


The perfect pampering session

 The deep body massage which followed was perfect to finish. The pressure and technique was expert and we felt refreshed and invigorated after the treatment was over. We were given time to relax in the room and soak up the final moments of peace and quiet before we headed off back into the city for lunch. All in all, it was a wonderful mini-break and we’d thoroughly recommend the experience.

So, if you’re looking to treat yourself and your loved ones to a rejuvenating experience but you don’t have time to jet to a beach or countryside resort, Anggun Spa at Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur has created a hidden oasis in our smoky city that will leave you calm and collected from tip to toe.



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  • helmi muhammad 28 Apr 2015

    the herbal bath looks scary

  • Olivia C Fernando 28 Apr 2015

    Wow. I left Angun Spa Spa completely drunk on relaxation. They have a complete menu of delightful things that you can have done to treat yourself during a day of relaxing or even just for a quick pedicure. Even if you are just getting a simple pedicure they won't treat you any differently. They are professional and completely wonderful.

  • Fatimah Al-Zahrah 28 Apr 2015

    Good article, really want to visit this place next month! :)

  • Ho SueYeen 28 Apr 2015

    This is a super informative articles! Beauty guide, you did a great job!

  • Eng Chin 28 Apr 2015

    Relax, Rest and Refresh high recommended again

  • Junie 28 Apr 2015

    Wow, I really like the look of the herbal bath. Looks very inviting and nutritious for the body!

  • Nicholas Ng 28 Apr 2015

    This looks like a great time. I wish to have good time there. I heard they give very satisfactory massage. :)