Posted 14 May 2015

REVIEW: The Spa & Gym at Hilton KL | Beauty Guide

Hilton Hotels, known by most as the flagship brand of Hilton Worldwide, providing premium service hotels and resorts. But do we know much about their spas? At Beauty Guide we wanted to discover more, so we went to The Spa & Gym at Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur to find out exactly what the Hilton name is bringing to the spa industry.




Selection of aromatic essential oils


As we walked up the corridor we were greeted by a trail of peppermint, lavender and lemongrass aromas, dimmed lighting and soothing music, which encouraged us to relax, breathe deeply and decrease our pace. The décor was a combination of neutral shades of wood fittings and by contrast, fresh flowers to bring life to the spa.


The Grand Experience package


Exclusive products used for The Grand Experience spa package


This time around, we were invited to experience The Grand Experience, which includes a scalp massage, back relief massage, foot massage and full body bath infused with Chamomile Tea extract in a private suite. The treatment costs RM390 per person and lasts for 90 minutes.


Warm reception


Questionnaire session to understand our spa preference


Upon our arrival at the consultation room, we were served warm chamomile tea as we filled out a questionnaire to ascertain body parts needing attention and our preferred pressure for the massage, focusing on our areas of need. Whilst our room was set up, we changed into appropriate clothing before the treatment started.


Elegant and luxurious treatment room


The spa changing rooms are subtle, yet bright and equipped with moisturisers, hair dryers and cotton buds. Readily placed in the lockers are a pair of slippers, towel, robe and disposable panties. The therapist awaited us at the entrance and led us to a treatment room where we selected our oils for the massage.


Skillful therapists


Full body massage


The therapist applied Balinese massage techniques, a deep-tissue, full-body treatment, which includes reflexology, acupressure movements, and gentle stretches like pressure point stimulation, sliding, stroking and kneading coupled with the aroma of essential oils. Therapists were considerate when applying pressure on our bodies and we found them skillful and professional. 


Chamomile tea infused hot bath


A refreshing cup of chamomile tea before the bath treatment


Soon after we were guided to the final segment of our session, which is a hot bath infused with chamomile tea. Not only does it have a great aroma and taste, chamomile is a natural relaxant that softens skin and eases tensions around the nerves. There is no better way to end the day with a relaxing herbal bath to rid of the stresses of work. Chamomile's tranquilising ways is a brilliant catalyst to our bedtime, as it stimulates for a restful night.


A thorough pampering session


Delicious and rejuvenating after treatment treat


Our session climaxed with a warm cup of readily brewed chamomile tea, accompanied by a dark chocolate on the side. To those looking to do something different on a Friday night, why not try a night out at The Spa & Gym at Hilton Kuala Lumpur, as it is sure to prepare you for a goodnight’s rest and for the weekend ahead.


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