Posted 11 May 2015

REVIEW: Mandara Spa at Sheraton Imperial Hotel KL

We have heard so much on the reputable and exotic Mandara Spa at the Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel, but how much do we really know about them? Beauty Guide has decided to pay this grand spa a visit and try out the authentic Balinese treatments and give you our hands on experience.

Tucked away in the heart of the city centre, Mandara Spa offers you peace and relaxation from the hub-bub of the ever-vibrant Kuala Lumpur – a true hidden gem. The exotic Balinese decoration and invigorating scents gave a sense of tranquillity to us as we entered the spa, putting our minds at ease.


Exclusive products used by Mandara Spa


The dimmed lighting, coupled with nature inspired decor such as teak furniture, leaves, flowers and draping textiles in the spa added to the serene and peaceful ambiance of the spa. The heady scent of sandalwood and cinnamon enveloped us as we were received warmly by the therapists, and was invited to enjoy a refreshing cup of herbal tea to calm and detoxify our bodies.


Multitude of aromatic house blend essential oils


Our journey to relaxation include a 20 minutes foot soak, 50 minutes of full body massage and 25minutes of foot massage, a 95 minutes package by Mandara Spa that’s known as the Spa Sampler – an apt name. The heavenly package is highly affordable, starting at rm290++ (before tax) per person.


Relaxing foot soak


What really impressed us was the professional and friendly service that we received from the therapists, as we were offered a pre-spa session that allowed us to select and sample from their amazing array of essential oils which include the special signature Mandara oil, Island Spice oil, Harmony oil and Tranquillity oil.


Essential oil sampling session


These special house-recipe blends hold vast benefits for the body, skin and mind as the aromatic oils help to soothe the muscle, heal and improve skin conditions, and induce a sense of relaxation, melting away all the stresses from the city life.  


The spacious and comfortable massage room


The exquisite massage room was equipped with twin beds, a locker, private toilet, and shower rooms, making it a very convenient and comfortable all-in-one treatment room. Cloaked in comfortable robes, we commenced the treatment with foot soak, and thoroughly enjoyed the calming sensation of having our feet soaked in scented water as our therapists gently cleansed and massaged our feet with the house-blend essential oils.


Tranquil Balinese massage


All too soon, we were guided to our beds where the heavenly massage began. The experienced therapists kneaded and worked our muscles with precise skills and true Balinese expertise as we were massaged from head to toe, disentangling knots and soothed our limbs.  The perfect palm pressure and long, firm strokes that are widely known to improve the nerve, lymphatic and circulatory systems completely transported us to a state of repose and perfect relaxation.

We have testified the exclusive treatment at Mandara Spa and we absolutely love the products and services provided. Discover the full list of treatments offered by Mandara Spa on Beauty Guide here and embark on your own journey to serenity yourself!


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  • Mooi Leng 12 May 2015

    Look interesting place to spend at...

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    This is where i will go this weekend..thanks for the great review

  • Hui Lin 11 May 2015

    Is not so expensive...wanna try

  • Bonnie Lee 11 May 2015

    Very informative article..good job BG team..go go go

  • Marlia 11 May 2015

    Amazing place to go...

  • Pavitraa Silvarathnam 11 May 2015

    After reading this, I think this spa us uniqe

  • Joanne Lim 10 May 2015

    I agree with the author because I already tried this spa..and it was awesome experience