Posted 21 Apr 2015

REVIEW: Facial First at Berjaya Times Square | Beauty Guide

We've all heard about the infamous and sumptuous facial treatments by Facial First. But are their treatments really as good as they say? Upon hearing so many wonderful feedback from various customers, we've decided that the time has come for the Beauty Guide team to try out the treatments for ourselves, and see if Facial First is truly living up to their reputation. 


Warm welcome by Facial First


When we arrived at Facial First’s Berjaya Times Square outlet, we were greeted with warm ginger tea and a brief introduction to the Stem Youth treatment. The venue had a contemporary concept, it was simple and sleek yet chic. Of course, the scent of lavender essential oils that we were absolutely fond of as it completes the Facial First modern-day beauty getaway concept.

Before the StemYouth session began, we were guided to inhale Lavender essence to calm us down for the impending 2-hour long facial.


Products used by Facial First


The treatment commenced with the StemYouth Enzyme Peel which contains natural enzyme derived from papaya, Papain. It is made to remove dead skin cells, impurities and oil from pores while promoting skin renewal. During the treatment, we could feel the rich and soothing mask taking effect on our skin. With dirt and impurities lifted away, our skin felt more refined as our skin’s moisture equilibrium restores itself.

Soon after, StemYouth PhytoTensor Firming Essence, an anti-ageing essence which contains botanical extracts to revive skin on a deeper level and tighten the skin. The essence gave a light and calming effect on our skin during the treatment. Our skin felt immediately rejuvenated and had a youthful ‘bounce’.


StemYouth PhytoTensor Firming Essence treatment


Using Facial First’s signature ultrasound machine, the beautician applied the StemYouth Insta-Lift Ampoule onto our skin for the next treatment. The ampoule is said to bolster our skin’s natural restorative mechanism and effectively fight against environmental stressors that cause ageing. The active ingredients of the StemYouth Insta-Lift Ampoule that work in synergistic harmony with Facial First’s exclusive technology created a youthful, firm and fair effect on our skin.

Thereafter, the advanced StemYouth Caviar Luxe Cream which contains a blend of nourishing ingredients was applied onto our skin. This cream is designed to help our skin regain youthfulness and delay the ageing process. We could feel the cream penetrating deeply into our skin, balancing the moisture levels to create bright and supple skin.


StemYouth Caviar Luxe Cream treatment


Last but not least, the cooling StemYouth Gold Peel-Off Mask + Activator which contains natural anti-oxidants to combat signs of ageing by preventing oxidative damage.  Champagne Extract delivers vitamins C and E to the skin to stimulate the production of collagen which increased the suppleness of skin.


Cooling StemYouth Gold Peel-Off Mask + Activator


When the treatment officially ended, we were led to our ginger tea accompanied by a chocolate wafer on the side. There goes our experience at Facial First which ended on a sweet note.


Refreshing cups of ginger tea


It has been a week after our Facial First treatment and our skin remains more youthful, bright and supple than ever. We highly recommend Facial First as the StemYouth has proved to be a worthy treatment. Plus, we love the fact that Facial First offers personalised treatments using advanced technology suitable for all skin types.


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  • Olivia C Fernando 28 Apr 2015

    Yes yes yes. I love it. This place has been on my to do list for YEARS, and I am so happy that I finally experienced it. From the very beginning, I felt comforted and welcomed by the vibrant colors of the chic, crisp and modern space. I love that I was able to choose my sound and aromatherapy feeling for my treatment. I will admit that I was a bit hesitant about paying for a nap, but it is totally worth it. That zero gravity bed is magical! Highly recommended.

  • Fatimah Al-Zahrah 28 Apr 2015

    i tried them before, it was quite expensive for me. But the result was amazing, definitely recommend to others to try!

  • Aiala 28 Apr 2015

    That treatment looks crazy!! I'm dying to try it out!

  • Ho SueYeen 28 Apr 2015

    I want to try the cooling StemYouth Gold Peel-Off Mask right now!

  • Patrick Chester 28 Apr 2015

    That gold and champagne treatment looks insane! I've never seen anything like it.