Posted 16 Apr 2015

REVIEW: Amani Salon at The Scott Garden | Beauty Guide

Being one of the few spas endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia (MOTAC) and the only spa in Malaysia that has its own academy in spa therapy course, Amani Salon & Wellness Centre is well-known for its high reputation among Malaysians.

We at Beauty Guide visited Amani Salon & Wellness Centre to put its reputation to the test, and see the inner workings of this highly-regarded spa.

The Amani Salon & Wellness Centre is located in The Scott Garden, Old Klang Road and is adjoined with its academy – known as Institut Karisma. They pride themselves in being an exclusive women-only spa, giving their customers a sense of comfort and security.

The spa is well proportioned, with its own locker room, shower room, toilets, tastefully decorated waiting room, elegant reception area, two state-of-the-art wet treatment rooms, and two calming massage rooms.


Warm welcome


Artfully decorated and cozy waiting room


We were greeted warmly by the spa’s therapist and was led to a cosy and uniquely decorated waiting room to enjoy a refreshing and detoxifying cup of hot ginger tea – a special homemade recipe of the spa. We were then briefed by the therapist on a few of the spa’s signature treatments and introduced to the Amani Gommage & Relaxing Body Massage, which consists of a full body scrub and body massage.


Signature aromatherapy oil


Relaxing and soothing aromatherapy scent


The therapist was highly professional and pleasant, and coupled with the soothing aromatherapy scents that seemed to envelop the entire spa, immediately put us at ease. Having placed our belongings in the convenient locker room, we were guided to the wet treatment room that was basked in Amani’s own Signature aromatherapy oil – a special blend of lavender, cinnamon, and various other traditional spices that’s specifically designed to calm and relax your senses.


Amani Gommage Body Scrub


Comfortable and state-of-the-art wet treatment room


We started off with Amani Gommage – a lavish full body scrub treatment to exfoliate dead skin cells for a softer, fairer, and healthier skin. The scrub used was made from pure sea salt that’s well-known for its mineral and healing properties, mixed with body lotion from one of Amani’s preferred brands, Bio Essential – a high-quality brand that uses organic ingredients, with most of its products being chemical-free.


Amani's preferred high quality products


The room was darkened and soothing music was played during the treatment, and along with the exquisite scents and pleasant scrubbing sensation by their skilled therapist, transported us to an amazing state of tranquillity. While they take pride in providing traditional treatments, Amani Salon & Wellness Centre also apply sophisticated technology to guarantee maximum comfort for their customers.

This is demonstrated by their use of a warm electric blanket laid on our treatment bed, to warm us against the chilly air throughout the body scrub session. Needless to say, we walked out of the body scrub treatment feeling thoroughly refreshed and rejuvenated, not to mention with super-smooth skin.


Amani full body massage


Tranquil and serene massage room


After a quick rinse in their elegant shower room, we moved on to the massage room for a full body relaxing massage. Under the skilful hands of the therapist, our stress and worries were left far behind as our muscles were expertly kneaded to release all tensions from the knotted muscles. The therapeutic body massage uses warm grape seed oil that’s combined with Cypress oil for luxurious and fragrant experience that soothes tight muscles and is highly beneficial for our skin.


A reputation well-earned


Refreshing home-brewed ginger tea


To conclude the blissful treatments, we were walked to the waiting room for another cup of Amani’s special hot ginger tea that was brewed perfectly to warm us from within. It was a truly invigorating and indulging experience, and we at Beauty Guide feel that Amani Salon & Wellness Centre’s reputation is undoubtedly well-earned. Their holistic treatments are very affordable, and the full treatment list can be viewed at Amani Salon & Wellness Centre’s page in Beauty Guide.

Don’t just take our words for it, try it for yourself and book your appointment for an indulging journey to relaxation and serenity with Amani Salon & Wellness Centre. Find out their latest promotions in Beauty Guide!


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  • Aiala 28 Apr 2015

    I love the eclectic decoration, the great treat and the peacefulness you breathe in there. I'm def coming back!!

  • Nesh Cva 28 Apr 2015

    Good article and would love to visit Amani Salon & Wellness Centre and agreed with Ho Sue Yeen. =D

  • Ho SueYeen 28 Apr 2015

    Great informative article! I Can I get the best discount rate in Amani Salon & Wellness Centre? Please.

  • Amit Patnaik 28 Apr 2015

    Had an Amazing Experience :)

  • Nicholas Ng 28 Apr 2015

    This looks really great. Hope there are upcoming promotions!