Posted 19 Nov 2015

The difference between fresh and concentrated juice

At first sight, some fruit juices in the supermarkets appear to be healthy. In most cases, this is pure deception. If you take a look at the ingredients, it is common that the fruit juice is made from concentrated juice. This also sounds healthy, but what does this term actually mean for fruit juice? And what about the fresh juice?

In order to ship as cheap as possible to different countries, the juice is concentrated. This means that the water is separated from the juice. This is done by distillation, or by boiling the fruit juice, so that the water evaporated and there only remains puree. This puree is the concentrate and takes ten times less space than the original juice.

Then the puree is transported to and from the place of destination where a factory adds water, sugar and other ingredients to the mash, so that it is juice again. There may also be artificial flavours, colourings and flavourings added to make it look, smell and taste like the original juice.

How bad is it to drink it from concentrated fruit juice?

This is usually not harmful or unhealthy. However, you might want to know how many active nutrients are still in there and how healthy it actually is.

Heating of fruit juice causes it to lose between 30% to 80% of the vitamins and minerals it contains. Several brands do claim that they add the lost vitamins and minerals back to juice. Even if it’s true, the vitamins and minerals they put into it will never be as healthy as the original nutrients of these fruits.

What are the real differences between fresh and 'from concentrate' juice?

- Concentrated fruit juice often contains less than half of vitamins and minerals than fresh fruit juice.

- Fresh juice only lasts a few days while from concentrated fruit juice lasts several weeks to months.

- Concentrated fruit juices are often artificial additives. Fresh juice is always pure nature!

- Fresh juice has a much more intense and better taste than concentrated fruit juice.

- Fresh juice must be kept cold. That is not necessary for concentrated fruit juice, even though they also could be found in the refrigerator.

If you really want to make sure your fruit juice is fresh, try to create it yourself. This can be done with a blender, juicer or a slow juicer. When you add vegetables, the juice will become healthier. These are also known as green smoothies, and there are a lot of variations possible!

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