Posted 25 Dec 2015

Create the Perfect Interview Look

An interview process can be nerve-wrecking, even if it is your first or have experienced them multiple times. Although dressing up for an interview might not necessarily mean you will guarantee to the job of your dreams, that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t have the pre-interview jitters. First impressions in an interview are key. Have a problem finding the perfect interview outfit? It’s time for a wardrobe check!

If you are an absolute #girlboss, it is no surprise you would land yourself amazing job interviews. Thus, you should never miss making the effort to impress them by looking not only great but classy yet professional. Your interviewer will base this opinion on your appearance as soon as you walk to the reception meeting their staff for the very first time. No matter what job position you applied for, you should however always dress at your best.

Before deciding on what to wear, do some research about the company you will be heading to. Job positions from a creative field typically lean to the casual side, while positions in traditional industries such as accounting or banking require a more buttoned up, professional look. Formal attires are usually the go-to for a more neat polished look especially corporate companies that adhere to the usual business-professional dress code.

Nevertheless that shouldn’t be the firewall of your creativity for turning dull clothing pieces into a real fashion statement. Do take note to always prepare your outfit the day before the interview appointment, just to avoid any unnecessary anxiety.

Here are 4 must-do’s on creating the perfect interview look.

Be comfortable
It’s completely fine to dress something you have worn before, since nobody is going to know you have repeated that outfit. No doubt you might be tempted to purchase new sets of clothes for just one special occasion but it really isn’t necessary. Go with the least body-hugging pencil skirt just so you don’t have difficulties breathing when you have a seat. Or even standing for that matter. Other than that, midi dresses are currently the in-trend clothing which carries both versatility and comfort. Wearing heels will make you look a little more sophisticated, but keep them around the height of 2 to 3 inches for that extra comfort. Do hide away anything over-strappy. Keep in mind this isn’t a runway show.

Add a splash of colour
Black jacket over an LBD, black peep toes and a black tote? Boring! Try a bolder look by adding a pop of color to your black outfit–say, a simple teal scarf or red pump heels. This will make you appear not only cheerful and positive but edgier and in character to the employers. Nevertheless, keep it at a bare minimum with colours as it may go wrong if not done the right way. Excessive colour matching is seen as a fashion faux pas, according to Science.

Going minimal
If you’re a minimalist (like myself), it’s always best to go back to basics. The main point is not over-accessorizing yourself. Settle with a plain satin top, stylish blazer, and pair it with either slacks or pencil skirts. Undoubtedly you will score an A+ for looking decently presentable at your interview. At the same time, do not get too adventurous with loud patterns and gaudy designs, as this can be an eyesore in corporate environments. Remember, also, to wear minimal makeup and groom your hair neatly. You aren’t going to the nightclub so best to keep your smokey eye look, funky hairstyles, and micro mini sequined dresses for the weekend instead. Unless you’re going for an interview for a go-go dancer job.

Appear clean and fresh
If you plan on wearing a light-coloured buttoned shirt, be sure to not have food or make up stains on your clothing. A good hygiene generally helps you live a healthier lifestyle. We all know it is a common occurrence to receive sweaty handshakes due to nervousness. Bring along hand sanitizers or baby wipes for cleaner hands, oil-blotting sheets to get rid of facial oils and a fragrant mist to keep yourself constantly smelling fresh.  

Last of all, the key to all this is in fact self-confidence. Walk in with brimming confidence and speak up with honesty, and that makes a lasting impact to everyone. What you wear to a job interview can too influence the impression of your employer, even if you end up with the job. Finding that perfect interview outfit that is put together and sophisticated doesn’t even have to break the bank either.

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