Posted 11 Oct 2017

4 Surefire Ways Of Relaxation Technique

Beauty Guide invites you to elevate your wellbeing; your body will thank you.


Hold on a second. Take a step back. Breathe.


Bing! goes the Calendar App, stating you need to be at an urgent meeting in 15 minutes . In your haste to disable the notification, the phone slides through your sweaty palm and drops in a loud clack on the floor. ‘Not my day!!’ you grunt as you squat on tired knees to repossess your cracked phone.


Sound like a regular workaday? Hold on a second. Take a step back. Breathe.


Stress snowballs. You know that. If you dashed off to your next meeting anxious, sweaty and tense, chances are, you will get into an unproductive discussion and then regret it and repeat the the same pattern for the rest of the day … soon, the workweek will play out that way.


Why go about the world all stressed out when you can choose to have a relaxed and easy time? Surely, your body and mind will be more resourceful and productive if you were fully relaxed and present in every moment you experience. Here are 4 easy ways of relaxation available to you on any given day.


1. Laugh your heart out


You can laugh like there's no tomorrow!


Did you know, laughing really is the best medicine to relieve stress? It triggers whole body relaxation and boosts your immune system.


Standing up with your cracked phone, you realize your Calendar App now displays your week’s agenda on multiple crooked lines. It occurs to you that it rather looks like a great Picasso painting.


You toss your head in laughter and stride with confidence into the meeting room to share the joke with your colleagues. This breaks the ice and now everyone is more eager to listen to what you have to present.


It works! Instead of dwelling on problems, appreciating the humorous side of things totally puts a smile on your face. As the meeting progresses, you know you’re achieving consensus and you’re going to have a great day.


Next time  you’re feeling triggered by stress, you will remember to pick yourself up. Find a funny movie, TV show, or book that makes you laugh like there’s no tomorrow!

2. Schedule “me” time


Sink yourself into the moment of tranquility.


You come out of the office feeling more accomplished than before. You know that you’ve completed three presentations and wrapped two meetings in record time. Since you’ve given due attention to professional tasks, it is time to turn back to yourself.


You turn off the phone and block off some time to pamper yourself. Your emotions are running high and you want to just be alone. You find a quaint, inviting sofa and sit down for your favourite cup of chocolate.


Your personal diary is sticking out of your bag. You grab it and turn to the latest blank page to make your entry, pen in hand. As you get flashbacks of your day, you write down all the moments you were grateful for, as well as comedic errors that made you smile.


Suddenly the words keep flowing and you sink deeper and deeper into tranquility.


3. Take a bubble bath


Candles, soap and magazine... Time for a relaxing bubble bath.


Imagine dipping into a steamy bubble bath with the scent of vanilla and Michael Buble playing in the background. The hot water relaxing your muscles and cleansing your pores. You wash away any baggage from the day and claim your “me” time in total luxury.  All you need are bath salts, scented oil, happy candles and an invigorating magazine or book to read.


Voila! Soak up as much as possible and forget everything else. Can’t wait? Fill your bathtub and escape to your very own pool of stress-free heaven!


4. Treat yourself to a massage


A deep relaxation of your mind, body and soul.


Imagine walking into a massage parlour. Lying in a dim and quiet room scented with essential oil. A trained massage therapist works out the knots and kinks in your muscles. As you close your eyes, you feel a sense of deep relaxation of your mind, body and soul.


You realize that relaxation comes easy. You start to think of many happy things in your life. You get inspired by ideas for the future. Any inkling of daily nuisances disappear completely.


As the essential oils seep into your pores, you feel healed and whole again.

Relax, forget about everything. You're a happier person!


Stress is inevitable in our day to day, but it is mainly triggered by external events. You can choose to have a great day each day by choosing to relax. With time, you’ll find you’re able to experience more happy moments with your positive characteristics and creativity.


What is your favourite way of relaxation? Share with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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