Posted 10 Apr 2017

3 Workout Trends You Want to Try Today

3 Workout Trends You Want to Try Today

Whether you are a fitness junkie or just visiting the gym a few times a month, everyone can use a bit of variety in their sports regime now and then. The fitness industry is always evolving; therefore many different types of workouts are being developed and some of these become major hits. If you are looking for a fun, intense full body workout, you might want to try one of the popular workouts below!

Barre body workout

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This is not your classic ballet workout: this full body workout is a mix of ballet barre conditioning, pilates and yoga. The addition of intervals makes it possible to get fast results. The lesser used muscles in the body get extra attention during this workout, resulting in a total body toning effect which is perfect for a full body workout.


Why follow Barre body workout?

The ballet and pilates exercises on both the mat and at the barre create toned muscles, while the yoga poses lengthen the muscles. The interval training burns fat and boosts your metabolism, even hours after your workout.


Find classes

Malaysia has various fitness/ballet studios who offer barre body workouts. Check online if there is one close to you and see what they offer. Not a studio near you? No problem! See [hyperlink:] for amazing online workouts!


Pound workout




Pound is a new workout trend inspired by playing the drums. Lightly weighted drumsticks, called Ripstix, are specifically designed for exercising which turns Pound into an incredibly effective workout. Pound combines conditioning, cardio and strength training with pilates and yoga-inspired movements. This intense workout is suitable for men and women of all ages and experience.

Why try Pound workout?

Improve your rhythm coordination, speed and stamina while burning up to 900+ calories per hour. This total body workout strengthens your muscles resulting in a slimmer physique. Furthermore, various studies have proven that playing the drums has stress-relieving effects on the brain.


Find classes

As this workout trend is still quite new, there are no classes yet available in Malaysia. However, there are dvds available on Pound’s official website [hyperlink:], along with results of clients and more information about this workout.


Katami 4x4 workout

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This workout, designed by celebrity trainer Paul Katami, focuses on 1 minute intervals. This is a full-body workout which consists of repeatedly doing the same exercise for 1 minute. One round has one cardio, one lower body, one upper body and one core exercise. After this round there is a 30 second rest before you repeat the same round 3 more times. This workout will leave you dripping in sweat and, of course, super satisfied with your workout.

Why try Katami 4x4 workout?

The exercises are basics like lunges, burpees etc. so they can be executed by anyone. Furthermore, the interval training will make you burn calories hours after the workout and increase your endurance. Pushing yourself as hard as you can for one minute is a fun way to get through your exercises.


Find classes

Katami 4x4 classes are available online on their official website [hyperlink:]. There are also other classes available on this website, for example kettlebell workouts, so it’s definitely worth taking a look.


Stay motivated!

Even though some of the workouts above claim to get fast results, don’t expect to see this overnight. Improving your body takes time and each body does this in a different way, time and pace. Don’t aim for a specific result you may have seen on social media or TV. Everyone develops their body differently.

When aiming for the best results, make sure you follow a healthy nutritious diet and get enough sleep. If you are not sure if you can follow certain workouts, always consult your doctor.

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