Posted 20 Jul 2017

15 Easy At-Home Total Body Workouts For Women In 10 Minutes

What’s holding you back from exercise? You tell yourself you need the gym, but simply don’t have the time or you’re too tired. The problem is, many people focus on the quantity instead of the quality when doing a workout. If you can just invest 10 minutes of your time for a workout challenge, I promise you’ll feel guilt-free and more happy. If you’re trying to build muscle but don’t have a lot of equipment to do it with, try this simple at-home total body workout to burn calories, tone your arms, abs and legs and build a fit physique. For each 30-second easy workout, you’ll be surprised to see how much you can accomplish in just 10-minutes!


Right Leg Back Lunge


1: Right Leg Back Lunge

  1. Start doing lunges with your right leg first for 30 seconds.

  2. When you’re doing lunges, make sure your toe isn’t going over your knee.

  3. Keep yourself motivated by doing nice big lunges so that you’re working those glutes and quads.


High Knees



2: High Knees

  1. Time to take it into cardio mode for 30 seconds of high knees.

  2. Bring each knee up to your chest in a running motion and keep the pace up.


Left Leg Back Lunge


3: Left Leg Back Lunge

  1. Lunge back on your left leg for 30 seconds.

  2. Make sure you work it all the way to the end of the exercise.

  3. Your heart rate should be up by now and you should be breathing heavier.


Butt Kicks


4: Butt Kicks

  1. Back into cardio mode for 30 seconds of booty kickers.

  2. As your heart rate continues to rise, you should be sweating and burning calories.

  3. We don’t always have time to get a run-in and go to the gym, so this total body workout is right for you.


Squat To Lateral Leg Lift


5: Squat To Lateral Leg Lift

  1. Squat down halfway and as you come up, extend your right leg out and exhale. Repeat this easy workout for 30 seconds.

  2. Exercise should feel good as it releases endorphins, gets our energy up and gives us happy thoughts.

  3. You might not think so while doing it, but after you’re finished you’ll feel much better.


Jumping Jacks


6: Jumping Jacks

  1. Get back into cardio mode for jumping jacks (a.k.a. star jumps) for 30 seconds.

  2. Make sure you bring your arms all the way to the top and clap them while your feet take a wide stance.

  3. Here’s an exercise tip, if you can’t do star jumps, an alternative is to take an arm and leg from the same side, and extend them, then alternate sides.

  4. Just keep in mind when your body is in motion at high intensity, you’re burning calories.

Squat To Lateral Leg Lift


7: Squat To Lateral Leg Lift

  1. Resume doing squats while lifting your leg as you come up.

  2. As you squat down, make sure your knees don’t go over your toes.

  3. As you come up, pull and squeeze those glutes to work your booty as well as your quads.

  4. Just keep thinking about the calories you’ve already burned!


Cross Jacks


8: Cross Jacks

  1. Start with an open stance, arms extended outwards and legs shoulder width apart.

  2. Alternate the one leg in front of the other and cross your arms and extend them over each other.

  3. Keep doing these crisscrosses for 30 seconds and don’t forget to breathe. (Just keep envisioning the body you desire!)


Bridge Raise


9: Bridge Raise

  1. Lie flat on your back, extend your arms outwards to your sides, bend your knee and keep your feet flat on the ground.

  2. Do normal bridge raise by lifting your booty off the floor, forming a straight line along your spine and squeeze your glutes.

  3. Calmly lower your back, but make sure you don’t rest your booty there.

  4. Keep doing a few more raises and always remember to squeeze it at the top!




10: Burpees

  1. Let’s get into some burpees. Start by getting low with your feet and hands touching the ground.

  2. Kick your feet back and get into a pushup position. Perform a pushup and bring your feet back to your hands.

  3. Jump upwards, extend your body and reach up high with your hands, you’ll feel your whole body stretch out.

  4. You can even modify this move by pressing harder when doing a push up, taking out the full jump at the top or with a squat jump.


Bridge Raise With Right Leg In Air


11: Bridge Raise With Right Leg In Air

  1. Similar to the bridge move earlier, this time you’ll just use one leg in the air this time.

  2. Start with your right leg in the air and perform a regular bridge while keeping that leg extended the entire time.

  3. Keep pushing up and down while making sure your booty doesn’t touch the ground.

  4. Just keep squeezing those glutes and if you’re not sweaty, you’re not working hard enough!

Skater Hops


12: Skater Hops

  1. This move aims to replicate the total body motion of a skater.

  2. Swing your left leg out across to the other side as you swing your right arm to the left and vice versa.

  3. At this stage, I can’t tell you exactly how many calories you have burnt because it all depends on your age, weight and how hard you performed the workouts.

  4. Just know that if you have done this full body workout up to this point, you have burnt a lot of calories!

Bridge Raise With Left Leg In Air


13: Bridge Raise With Left Leg In Air

  1. Take it back down to the floor and stick your left leg in the air.

  2. Think about squeezing your glutes as you go to the top and keep squeezing.

  3. You deserve a thumbs up if you’ve made it thus far!

Squat Jumps


14: Squat Jumps

  1. Get into a nice and low squat position with your hands extended backwards.

  2. As you come up, jump up and extend your hands into a full stretch to the top.

  3. Do this continuously for 30 seconds and you should be really feeling it in those quads.

  4. You’re almost there. If you can get it all done, you’ll be burning loads of calories while toning your body!




15: Jab-Cross-Kick

  1. You have reached the final minute of your exercise.

  2. Get into a fighter's stance with your feet and have you hands up to protect yourself.

  3. Start jabbing by throwing one arm out at a time. Follow this up with a high kick at the top. Do this for 30 seconds and alternate each leg.

  4. Keep punching and kicking while always remembering to breathe at the same time so your muscles get all the oxygen they need.

  5. This exercise is a great way to release your aggression and continue burning those calories, so jab, jab, kick and breathe all the way to the end.


Woohoo! And there you have it, those were the 15 exercises completed at high intensity to get your body into the shape you desire.

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