Posted 18 Dec 2015

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Barista

A barista is a trained professional, so no one knows baristas’ job better than they do. If you have never been a barista, you have no idea of their day-to-day experiences, or the things they hear customers say. With the help of a former barister, we bring you the “10 things you should never say to a Barista” when ordering your coffee.


1. “I’ll have the usual” or “you don’t know my order?”

Coffee shops are always a crowded place where new faces walk in and out every day. Don’t expect your Barista to remember your usual order especially when they make hundred drinks a day. It is better to keep repeating your order, rather than get something you didn’t ask for.


2. Hurry up”, “Make it fast” or “How long will it take?”

A barista does not have superhuman abilities. To ensure you receive your order as you asked and prepared with care, it will take a little bit of time. Do not pressure the barista in being fast as this can result in a poorly prepared order.

Trust me, the wait is worth it!


3. “Can I have <something that is not on the menu>” ?

Granted all coffee shops offer pretty much the same things, but they are all different from each other. Don’t assume that all coffee shops hold the same ingredients such as almond milk or the same beverage, Turkish tea for instance. Before you proceed with your order, have a look at the menu first.

If the drink you are looking for is not on the menu, then this gives you the opportunity to try something different. There are so many options!


4. “Can you wait? I have to attend/finish this call”

It is understandable that you are a very busy person and you have things to do. But, so does the barista. Your attention is required in order to proceed with your order, especially if there are people waiting in line behind.

Hang up! It will only take 5 minutes to process the order and you can always call the person back. It’s not a long wait!


5. “My name is incorrect” or “you spelled my name wrongly”

It’s not possible to get the name right all the time. More so, when there are so many distinct ways of spelling one name; zac, zak, zack!

The barista doesn’t know you and obviously, won’t know how your name is spelled correctly. It is, also, possible that your name was not heard well, lost in the background noises of the coffee shop. Don’t take it personally!


6. “I would like 15 caramel lattes”.

It is nearly impossible to properly prepare drinks for a large order, especially during a rush hour. What’s more is that people are waiting in line and would have to wait for an extensive amount of time before their own order can be processed.

The baristas will not only have to speedily concoct the drinks but calm the other waiting customers, ending in a stressful time for everybody. Next time call in advance to let them know you have a large order so that they can start preparing.


7. “There’s supposed to be another/ more drink(s).”

Baristas have only two hands to work with and that too, at normal human speed! Wait a few more minutes before your other orders arrive. Patience is a virtue!


8. “Why is my espresso so less?”

Espresso is a double strength coffee product. Meaning, it is more concentrated with loaded caffeine. Naturally, the sizing will be small. That’s why it’s called a shot of espresso!


9. “This drink is so pricey!”

Baristas have no say in how the prices are set, they simply work there. Also, they take pride in doing their work. So, when you say that it is pricey or overpriced, you are actually implying that what they prepared is not worth the money. Particularly so, when it was made with care and effort for you.


10. “This isn’t how my coffee is done at <name of another coffee shop>”

I don’t have much to say on this one, except for the fact that it is simply rude!


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