Posted 06 Jul 2015

Quick & easy seaweed body wrap – Shave inches while you sleep!

Body wrap treatment is widely-known in Malaysia as the traditional method for body slimming and post-natal care to rid the body of toxins and excess water-retention. From generations to generations, this hundred-year-old therapy is practised by midwives to help post-pregnancy women get back in shape – and often it results in a more voluptuous shape.

The traditional course involve tens of herbs that are not only difficult to come by, but could be pricy too. Thankfully, we at Beauty Guide have a much simpler but highly effective method for modernising this long-established therapy to bring a slimmer you as you doze away. The usage of seaweed will also help to detoxify the body, relieve aches and boost your metabolism and blood circulation. Go ahead and give it a try!


Before you start


This treatment will work best on clean skin, after an exfoliation with a body scrub and warm shower. It can be targeted on the areas of your body that you aim to slim down (e.g. abdomen, thighs or upper arms). Do keep in mind that this treatment doesn’t help with fat-burning, but rather helps to let out the toxins and excess water held in your body by sweating them all out.

Results may vary as each person has different levels of water-retention in their body. That being said, body wrap treatments should not be tried by pregnant and breast-feeding women and those with medical conditions. Always remember to consult your doctor before trying any sort of treatment!


What you need:


  • 200 grams of plain dried seaweed, ground to powder form
  • Body lotion (Use the ones that contain seaweed, mud or kelp for best results, but any lotion will do)
  • Clear plastic wrap
  • Bandage (large sized)


What to do:


Ensure the mixture is spread evenly


Step 1 - In a bowl, combine the powdered dried seaweed and sufficient amount of body lotion for your targeted areas, stirring well until they’re evenly mixed. Once done, apply generous amounts of the mixture on your desired area, creating a thick layer of lotion on your skin.


Tight, but not too tight!


Step 2 - Cover the area with layers of plastic wrap, making sure that it’s not too tight or too loose on your skin – aim for snug but still breathable.


This allows your body to heat up and sweat


Step 3 – Wrap the area covered in the plastic wrap with a large bandage to secure and give more warmth to the targeted body part.


Voila! All ready for your beauty sleep!


Step 4 – Get your beauty sleep and remove the wraps the next morning. You’ll notice the area is covered with sweat, but don’t be alarmed, that means that the treatment is working!


Happy body wrapping! Let us know the results on the comment section below!


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