Posted 08 Jun 2015

Four ridiculously easy three-ingredient-only recipes for face masks

So many of us underestimate the benefit and importance of face and body mask. A skin care regimen is not complete without face or body mask – even after you buff your face and body to reveal the glowing skin underneath and apply those luxurious moisturiser to keep them soft and supple.

Why? Our skin needs nourishment and vitamins that food alone cannot provide, no matter how healthy you diet is. Besides, it’s a great way to relax and pamper yourself. That being said, we at Beauty Guide know just how expensive facial mask treatments at beauty parlours can be.

Worry not, here are four economic and perfectly simple mask recipes for different skin types you can make right out of your kitchen with just three ingredients.


For oily skin


Egg whites are packed with nutrients for healthy skin


What you need: Egg white, yoghurt and lemon juice

Oily skin is typical among those of us who live in tropical weather. It could be annoying when you take a photo with your friends and end up with an eye-catching, shiny forehead. Regulate your oil secretion with super-easy egg white and yoghurt mask.

Lightly beat one egg white mixed with one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and plain yoghurt. Apply the mixture to clean face and just wash it off with warm water once dried.


For blemished skin


Great for breakfast, and good for your skin too


What you need: White bread, yeast and milk

Those dark spots and uneven skin tone can be healed, and no it doesn’t have to involve laser treatments or expensive products. In fact, combine these three ingredients together and you’ll get a pan cake – it’s that easy.

Just soak one slice of white bread (you can remove the crust if you prefer) in a quarter cup of milk with one teaspoon of yeast until the bread is mushy and mash it to make a paste. At this point you can either apply it to your face or relax for thirty minutes before washing it off, or make it into a pancake!


For dry skin


Avocados are known as highly beneficial skin food


What you need: Avocado, honey and lemon juice

Dry, flaky skin is never attractive. Besides, dry skin could lead to pre-mature wrinkle problem. Moisturise your skin with two of the most powerful moisturising ingredients nature has provided us – avocado and honey.

 Just mash half a ripe avocado and swirl in one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of lemon juice, leave it on clean skin for half an hour an enjoy glowing, healthy skin.


For tired skin


Delicious chocolate face mask you can lick off the spoon!


What you need: Honey, plain yoghurt and cocoa powder

Work, everyday stress, lack of sleep, and malnutrition can really damage your complexion. They can cause sallow skin, dry patches, and even breakouts. Boost your tired skin with a thirty minutes session of calming and delicious - we mean nutritious – facial mask that smells heavenly.

Mix two tablespoons of plain yoghurt and a tablespoon each of honey and cocoa powder. The result? Chocolate yoghurt mask. Just remember not to lick your face after you apply it.


All of us deserve some pampering session after the long hours at work, studying, or all your daily activities that’s kept you on your toes the entire week. So sit back and relax with these super easy home-made facial masks and enjoy the luxury of home spa without breaking your bank account. Let us know the result or any other DIY beauty recipes on the comment section below!


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