Posted 08 Oct 2015

Easiest guide to face highlighting & contouring

Contouring and highlighting both owe their popularity to the Kardashians who made this makeup trick famous world-wide. Not surprising really, because just like Photoshop, these two makeup technique uplift, shape, define and perfect your look to an entirely different level. The dream of every milennia girl.

The purpose of highlighting and contouring is to create an illusion of dimension to your face. Highlighting uses a glittering (you can opt for matte look) shade that is one (or even two) tone lighter than your skin to bring out certain parts of your face, whilst contouring, with its darker colors shapes and angles your face.

These two makeup techniques when combined can create illusions of higher cheekbones, smaller and longer nose, sharper jaw line and even elongate a round face.


Left: Contouring, Right: Highlighting


How to get master this trick? Have no fear, Beauty Guide is here!


What you need:


  1. Contouring brushes (Kabuki, flat top, shading, stippling or blusher brush)
  2. Highlighters (at least 2 shades lighter than your skin tone)
  3. Dark foundations thats 1 to 2 shades deeper than your skin tone

Alternatively, you can also opt for a blending sponge


First, apply a nourishing day cream on cleansed face. Then swipe a thin layer of foundation in your own skin color, this will encourage the blending of the light and dark foundation.


Light foundation


With the foundation brush, apply the light foundation on the areas on which you want to emphasize:

Forehead: Above the eyebrows on the forehead in a broad triangle.

Nose: Vertical line on the tip of the nose, running over in the region of the forehead.

Cheeks: A large triangle under the eyes towards the corners of the mouth.

Chin: A wide stripe.

On the philtrum: This is the gully between the nose and the upper lip.

Jaw: From the ear, to jaw and the chin.


Check your face shape before you start


Dark foundation


With another (clean) foundation brush apply the dark areas on which you want to create shadow and depth:

Forehead: Along the hairline.

Nose: On the sides of the nose. From the ends of the eyebrows towards the nostrils.

Cheeks: Under the cheekbones.

Jaws: Below the line of light foundation, from the ear to the chin.


Put some elbow grease into it!


Final step; Blend, blend, blend!


Right now you may look a little silly, but don’t be alarmed, just blend everything together! Grab a slightly damp sponge or a contour brush and start with the darker colors. After blending the dark colors, continue with the lighter parts until you get a smooth and seamless coverage.

Voila! Walk out with fabulosity in your every step!


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