Posted 31 Mar 2015

Blemishes? Try an Apple-honey-yoghurt face mask

How many of us are waging battle against dreaded spots and blemishes on our skin – men or women alike? We spend hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of ringgits on expensive products and treatments to get rid of those annoying angry red dots and bumps on our precious skin.

But what if we told you that there is a wonderful, cost-effective, home-made and highly effective face mask that can help to clear your skin from all those impurities with only three ingredients?

That’s right. Just three, cheap, easily-found ingredients in your average kitchen - apple, honey and yoghurt.


How does the apple-honey-yoghurt face mask work?


Cheap and effective ingredients for clear skin


Of course, you might have your suspicions as to why this face-mask could be the solution to your battle with blemishes, but we at Beauty Guide have done our homework on the reasoning behind this miraculous home-made remedy.




Ruby goodness thats great for your skin


As well as doctors, an apple a day can also keep dermatologists away. Apples are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that are essential for healthy skin. They also contain collagen and elastin for a youthful and radiant look. Apples also help in protecting your skin from harmful UV rays as they are a rich source of flavonoids.




Liquid gold for youthful skin


Honey is perfect with pancakes, healthier than sugar, and a great source of antioxidants for radiant and glowing skin. Honey is also packed with antibacterial properties, cleansing your face from accumulated dirt and bacteria and effectively ridding your skin of blemishes and pimples. It has been known to stem wrinkle formation with its rich moisturising and soothing mineral properties - which is the reason it’s so widely used in the cosmetic industry.




Tasty dessert that brightens your complexion


This delicious and tarty treat is not only good for your digestion, it also does wonders for your skin, helping you to achieve flawless and smooth skin. It’s a very popular ingredient for skin-brightening and pore-tightening as the probiotic bacteria found in yoghurt helps to gently exfoliate and clears up blemishes and discoloration. Its soothing properties help to moisturise your skin while removing the excess oil, leaving it feeling fresh and clean.


How to prepare the apple-honey-yogurt facemask?


You will need:

An apple (deseeded and chopped into small pieces)
One to two teaspoons of plain yoghurt
One teaspoon of honey


Cheap and effective face mask


Combine all three ingredients and blend it until it forms a thick paste – add the yoghurt slowly as you don’t want the consistency to be runny.  Apply the paste to your face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off the mask with warm water and pat your face dry. Avoid rubbing the towel on your face as it will dry your skin too much and strip off the moisturising properties of the face mask.


Enjoy smooth, blemish free skin!


Try it at home, and prepare yourself for that boost of self-confidence with your glowing and radiant skin! Let us know the result in the comment section below. 


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