Posted 03 Nov 2017

7 Tips You Need To Find A Trusted Doctor For Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery began in 1915 to treat soldiers in the trenches. Back then it was used for medical, not cosmetic, reasons. Nowadays, so many people undergo cosmetic surgery  it has become a social norm.


Here are seven tips to find a trusted cosmetic surgeon.


1. Background Check


If your car broke down, you wouldn’t let a plumber to fix it, would you? When considering your surgeon of choice, check for qualifications, experience, training, and reviews from peers or patients.


Plastic surgery is so in-demand that, unfortunately, a number of unqualified non-practitioners perform procedures. Keep visiting professional, licensed surgeons until you find a good match.


According to IMTJ, Malaysia is the most popular place for plastic surgery procedures in 2016.



2. Do Your Homework

Don’t be fooled by doctors in white lab coats. Their experience may only cover handling ‘non-invasive’ procedures, such as chemical peels, laser treatments, Botox, and other injectables.


Ensure your surgeon is board certified; check out this National Registry of Registered Medical Practitioners Practising Aesthetic Medical Practice in Malaysia.


3. Talk To A Trusted Source

Reach out to the people close to you that have had work done. A trusted friend or family member can offer advice based on personal experiences with the entire process. Take in all viewpoints; never act on information provided by just a single person.


Ask around for a connection who works in health care. Chances are good, that healthcare professionals will make sensible recommendations.


Plastic surgery disasters are costly mistakes.


4. Beware Of Online Reviews

While reviews on online forums, review sites, and social media can be great resources, they can also be misleading. Watch out for reviews that make extreme claims and trust your gut instincts. If it sounds too hard sell or overly negative, there must be an agenda.


When evaluating ‘before and after’ pictures, be mindful of any form of image manipulation - the makeup, lighting and shadows should look the same in both pictures.


5. Be Wary Of Heavy Advertising

Be aware of cosmetic surgeons who endorse sponsored advertising. Be wary if their pages keep popping up on your Facebook feed or your local billboards!


Do your homework and fact-check the assertions in their ads.


Real eyes realise real lies.


6. Are They Polite, Helpful And Kind?

Keep in mind that you will have to deal with your surgeon on a regular basis from pre-consultation and surgery to post-procedure. What are his or her bedside manners like? You need to establish a high level of trust in order to feel 100% comfortable spending time with your doctor for both safety and results.


Observe the doctor’s behaviour (actions speak louder than words) to see if he or she genuinely cares for your wellbeing. Consider his/her approach in discussing pros and cons with you, and whether their projection of outcomes sound realistic. Never feel sold on the procedure. You should feel sold on the person.


9 Things To Look For:

  • Do they seem habitually rushed?
  • Do they pressure me to undergo bundle procedures?
  • What is their experience?
  • Do they truly understand my concerns and goals to deliver the results I want?
  • Do they listen to my expectations, give me feedback, and set out real or achievable results?
  • Is this really the doctor specifically qualified for the job I want?
  • How many times have they done this particular procedure that I’m looking for?
  • Can I talk to another patient for reference?
  • Do I feel comfortable with the team, the nurses, and everyone involved from the outset? (The person who greets you to every member of the staff, including to the anaesthesia provider) 


A spotless and sterile office is vital and often a good sign.


7.  There Are No Stupid Questions

You are about to alter your face (or body) permanently; it is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Do not hesitate to go to each consultation prepared and ready to fire questions, and request to see a portfolio of the practitioner’s work.


The ultimate question for your potential surgeon is how frequently he or she does the procedure you’re interested in. ‘If I’m coming to you for a nose job, you’d better do it almost weekly.’


Have you ever considered cosmetic surgery? Do you think too many people are jumping on the bandwagon unnecessarily?


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Good luck with your search!



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