Posted 30 Nov 2017

13 Baggy Styles That Will Make You Look Like A Street-Style Hero

Is bigger really better when it comes to fashion? Not quite. Oversized clothes are super exciting and fun to pull off with more fitted pieces. They can look incredible through the fashion lens.


From fitted bottoms to sleek shoes, it’s totally effortless to style loose clothes without looking like you got lost in your dad's wardrobe. Don’t miss the top 13 street style looks that inspire great ideas.


1. Put on an oversized coat with a mini skirt to play with lengths. Flaunt your legs, turn up the ‘nae nae’ music by Silento and do the stanky leg.

Oversized coat


2. Show up in a twisted-hem sweater while keeping your hair tied up. In the words of Justin Timberlake: I’m bringing sexy back.

Twisted-hem sweater


3. Pair a baggy sweater with patterned tights for an effortless chic look. This cozy style will most likely cause others to envy till they want to jump on you for cuddles.

Baggy sweater


4. Tuck in an oversized shirt with a pair of jeggings to add edge to your outfit. It’s great for a casual occasion and perfect for lounging around all day.

Oversized shirt


5. Throw on a pair of chunky shoes with an oversized graphic tee for a cute look. This style creates funky vibes inspired by the ‘90s. Go vintage!

Oversized tee


6. Put on an oversized cardigan to add a touch of pizzazz over your casual outfit. It feels as though you’re being hugged and it’s gorgeous!

Oversized cardigan


7. When you pair a flowy cropped top with high-waisted skinny jeans to show off your curves, the entire crowd goes ooh la la as they see you arriving in style.

Flowy cropped top


8. Rock an oversized denim jacket with a skirt to a barbecue party. P.S. Bring a fire extinguisher just in case. The meat on grill won’t be the only one that’s smoking!

Oversized denim jacket


9. Look stylish in baggy trousers with a tucked-in blouse or a plain shirt. This relaxed style says: It’s the weekend! Gimme a break!

Baggy trousers


10. Get a maxi skirt with a slim fit leather jacket and boom shaka laka. Now that is a promising wardrobe hero. Can someone please call the fashion police?

Maxi skirt


11. Throw on a pair of loose pants with a stylish blazer that says: I know fashion and I know how to keep it casual.

Loose pants


12. Grab a kimono jacket and a pair of denim shorts for an instant upgrade to your style. You’re so ready to conquer the day with stylish confidence.

Kimono jacket


13. Put on an anorak jacket over your plaid shirt to stay neat when the weather gets damp. Easily toss it on over your outfit and you’ll be sure to make a statement.

Anorak jacket


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Which street style inspiration speaks to you? How big of a fan are you of the oversized clothes trend?


Remember: Stay chic and look incredible. Can you imagine life without fashion? Leave us your comment below.


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