Posted 08 Apr 2016

How To Have Make Up Last In Hot and Humid Weather

Warmth, sweat, lots of sun but at the same time a lot of rainy showers. Not really the perfect weather for our makeup right? Of course you can choose to not wear makeup, but what if you don’t want that? We’ve got some practical tips for you to make sure your makeup will last longer with these tropical temperatures.

Side tip: Even when you’re not fully exposed to the sun, you should still protect yourself against the sun. Never go in the sun unprotected and always use makeup products with a minimum of SPF 20. These days, a lot of makeup products are designed with SPF in it. Did you even know that there are foundations and powders with SPF? How convenient!

Preparation and treatment

Even when you cleaned your skin and removed your makeup the night before, in the morning you should repeat this to remove all the ‘new’ impurities you have collected from the night. This way you start with a fresh, glowing skin and at the same time your skin will also be less oily for the rest of the day.

Hydrate that skin!

Whether you have an oily or a dry skin; don’t forget to use a hydrating creme! During the warm days, you need to drink more water as you sweat a lot, this also applies for your skin. When you don’t hydrate it enough, you skin will likely be covered with more impurities. Are you still afraid of getting an oily skin? Mattening powders are designed to prevent this.

Don't forget your base

On warm days, a primer is unmissable. Primers are made to ensure your makeup stays on much longer and at the same time prevent your skin from shimmering. You don’t have to use primer all over your face. Just apply on the areas where you sweat the most. This is mostly on the T-zone and next to your nose. Choose a primer that is oil free because you definitely won’t need oily products on these hot days!

Foundation or BB Cream

Even for the warmer days we still want to cover up our blemishes. If you are a lover of foundation, make sure you apply a day creme beforehand. You makeup will last longer when doing this. Besides this, choose an oil-free foundation based on water. This is a very light foundation, which will decrease your perspiration.  For a lighter coverage, which is great for warmer days, go for a BB-cream.

The eyes

A good advice for the warmer days is just to apply a waterproof mascara and that’s it! You won’t suffer from any smudged makeup and it’s much faster in the morning. For people who really feel naked without makeup; don’t forget to apply a base before putting your eyeshadow or liner on! Another very convenient option is eyelash extensions. You will look awake 24/7 and you have no concerns if your mascara is smudged out.

The lips

First scrub your lips to get all the dead cells off. Doing this, you won’t suffer from desiccated lips. After this, apply a base on your lips. Apply your lipstick and afterwards dab it off with a tissue. Now apply your second coat of lipstick. This way the lipstick really blends in with your lips and is less likely to fade off.

Setting spray

To make sure your whole makeup stays on the whole day, spray some setting spray over your face. Besides ‘setting’ your makeup, it will at the same time give you a fresh feeling which is great on these hot and humid days.

Now you are ready to rock these tropical temperatures with a makeup look which will stay flawless all day!

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