Posted 08 Sep 2016

Best Apps To Up Your Fitness Game

People spend almost half of their day staring at their phones. Therefore it is not strange that many people use their phone while exercising. Unfortunately, they often do not know which fitness app is the most appropriate, since there are thousands of available fitness apps for iOS and Android, so therefore it is not surprising that many people wonder which fitness app they should get.

Fortunately, your phone can help you at leading a healthier and happier life. All you need to know is which fitness apps you should download. Here you will find some fitness apps that you should definitely download!


Source: Palinidrome Poppet

Blogilates began as Youtube workout videos, conducted by a passionate pilates instructor, Cassey Ho.

Now there is an app available; this app takes things to the next level, you have access to all of her workout videos, access to an online forum and a monthly workout calendar. (The app is free to download for iOS and Android and offers optional in-app purchases.)


Source: Life in Reviews

Tell Sworkit to what type of workout you are looking, for example: stretching, yoga, cardio or strength training and how long you want to do this type of exercise (varies from 5 minutes to an hour). After entering the information, Sworkit gives you a schedule of exercises you should perform during the time you have set. (The app is free to download for iOS and Android and offers optional in-app purchases.)

Nike+ Training Club

Source: Fit Happens Blog

Everything you can expect from a sports brand fitness app can be found in the Nike+ app. Workouts designed by professional trainers and athletes, fitness programs that you can change, sharing your progress with others and a beautiful interface!

The app is free to download for iOs and Android.


Source: Gizmodo

This fitness app is perfect for people looking for bodyweight workouts. Freeletics offers more than 900 workouts that last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. You can use this app wherever you are, as in the kitchen, or in the subway and even in your office! You can count on Freeletics to provide a good workout for your fitness level.

Motion Traxx

Source: Greatist 

Motion Traxx is the perfect app for people who enjoy music during their workout. This app combines coaching from world class trainers with music designed to set the perfect intensity for every phase of your workout. Because who doesn’t has difficulty in making that perfect playlist for your exercises? 


The perfect fitness app for people who do not have time to go to the gym. Fitnet only makes use of 5 and 7 minutes well-targeted workouts, so you lose almost no time during the performance of these workouts. Plus, this app has added another nice feature: using a 'selfie', the phone measures how well you follow the exercises on your screen. 

StrongLifts 5x5

This app helps you to remember everything during your workouts. Because how often have you not been busy during your workout, only to forget how many reps you did and wondering if you didn’t missed anything. Strong Lifts keeps track of the exercise, the number or reps and how much resting time you should take between exercises. So the only thing you have to worry about is getting to the gym and how big (strong) you want to be. 

Take your time while running through all these great apps and see which is most suitable for you. Combine your phone and fitness for optimum sensation!

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