Posted 06 Oct 2016

7 Ways to Dress Better as a Man

Everyone is telling you to “just suit up” when you ask them for advice on how to dress better? You don’t know what matches and what doesn’t? Just follow our seven tips on how to dress better as a man and become more stylish in no time!

1. Get The Right Fit

Good and expensive clothes sure might make you look good. But what if the new shirt or jeans simply do not fit? Getting the right fit on your clothes is one or probably the most important thing to watch out for when buying clothes and should be your number one priority from now on.

2. Aim to Look Mature

Men often try to offset their age with the clothes they are wearing. They buy youthful clothes which make them look like a child, but let me tell you something. That’s the wrong approach. You should aim for looking mature because maturity is an attractive trait of men. This after all separates a man from a boy. It shows masculinity and implies others to respect you.

3. Forget About Graphic Tees

You love them and, as a secret, I still love them, too. But they make you look like a child and that’s reason enough to stop wearing them (remember tip #2?). Unlike many think graphic tees are not unpopular anymore and you will simply not blend anymore wearing one.

Instead of wearing a graphic tees go for a chic polo or shirt.

4. Upgrade Your Footwear

Although there are sneakers you definitely could wear with a suit for a casual business look, you definitely should watch out for footwear which is more aimed at making you look more mature. The perfect choice? Loafers. They are not only all-time classics but also come in countless variations.

Want to meet sneakers and loafers halfway? Definitely check out desert boots. They are the perfect fusion of comfort and chicness. My personal recommendation are Clarks as they are not too expensive but still very qualitative.

5. Choose The Right Pair of Jeans

Choosing the right pair of jeans seems so hard for many people, which it ultimately is not. Ashley Weston did a perfect job in explaining what kind of jeans to wear on what body type in the video above. Basically the main rules are:

  • If you are a skinny or regular build you should go with a pair of slim fit jeans.
  • If you are a larger build, you should go with a straight fit jean.

And last but not least the three rules of fit for jeans which everyone should follow:

  • One should be able to pinch at least 2,5cm of fabric, but no more than 3,5cm on either side of the thigh.
  • A belt should never be a must for your jean to fit your waist.
  • They shouldn’t be too short or too long – having a slight or full break. 

6. Start Matching Right

Many men are sticking to black, white and grey tones day for day because they do not know how to properly match colours and are thereby afraid to create a look which uses colours that don’t go well together. But here’s a basic beginner rule which will help all the colour-confused men out there: Stick to neutral colours (black, white, grey, navy, brown) with a single piece of any colour.

7. General Advice

Lastly I will list a few general tips on how to further improve and not destroy your outfit, which you should have improved a lot by now:

  • Have a good grooming routine. No outfit will ever be effective when the man is unhygienic.
  • Don’t wear too much cologne as ‘less is more’ applies. 
  • Get an up-to-date haircut, which complements your face shape.
  • Make sure your clothes are in a good state.
  • Maintain a good posture that boasts your confidence.

By following these seven steps you should become a better dressed man in no time. You don’t only want to look but also feel good? Have a look at our review of the SweatSpa, which we visited.


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