Posted 19 Aug 2016

5 Workouts To Build A Strong And Defined Back

The back, one of the largest muscle groups your body has and many struggle to have this area trained. There are so many exercises to train your back, but how do you know which exercise is best for you? Do you know which exercises train which muscle group of your back? Majority go wrong during the training of the back and also underestimate the training pattern.

All those fitness fanatics will be too happy with a V-shape back, but it takes a lot of energy, strength, motivation and a good eating habit. This article will contain five detailed back exercises that you do not want to miss for a strong and defined back!

Before your kick start your back workout regime, you must first know which muscles you are going to train for your back. These are the largest muscle groups in your back:

“Latissimus Dorsi” (Lats),”Trapezius” (Traps), “Erector Spinae”, “Teres Major”, “Rhomboids”.

1. Chin Up (21S)

Basic chins with a touch of the 21s technique that will turn into super chins, forcing your back to grow. This creates a fuller and wider V-back and in addition, you also train your overall back muscles.

  • Take hold of a chin-up bar with a wide, overhand grip.
  • Start from the bottom position with a full stretch in your back.
  • Perform 7 reps from the bottom to the middle point of the exercise.
  • Perform 7 reps from the middle point to the top of the exercise.
  • Perform 7 reps with a full range of motion.

2. Deadlift

Lifting hundreds of kilograms of the ground, leaving all the pressure on your back, especially your lower back. If this exercise is performed properly, the deadlift is a great way to train your back (especially your lower back) and helps prevent injuries.

Note: Those who have previously suffered from a back injury, it is recommended to skip this exercise and seek professional advise from a gym trainer.


  • Position your feet so they’re slightly narrower than shoulder-width apart.
  • Place the bar against your shins and at the middle of your foot.
  • Stand up tall with your chest out and take a deep breath of air.
  • Move down toward the bar by pushing your hips back. Arch your lower back and keep your shoulders down.
  • Place your hands on the bar, just outside your shins and squeeze it as hard as you can.
  • Keep your head in a neutral position.
  • Drive your body upward and back as fast as you can by pushing through your heels, and keep your elbows locked in place.
  • As you approach the top, squeeze your glutes to push the hips through the final phase of the movement.
  • Break with the hips, let the bar slide down your thighs.
  • Maintain a stiff arch in the lower back and keep the shoulders down and back.


3. Lat Pulldowns

The lat pulldown is great for increasing muscle, bodybuilders love this exercise! Through this exercise you especially train the muscles at the top of your back. Perform this exercise at a slow, controlled tempo.

  • Grab the bar with an overhand grip that’s just beyond shoulder width.
  • Pull your shoulders back and down, without moving your torso and bring the bar down your chest.
  • Then slowly return to the starting position.

4. Seated Cable Row (with pause)

This is a traditional upper-back exercise, adding a pause to this exercise can increase your gains.

Add a pause for 3 seconds when the bars gets to your torso. The pause keeps your muscles in your shoulder blades working longer.


  • Grab the bar using an overhand grip and sit upright.
  • Pull the bar to your upper abs, pause for 3 seconds, then slowly lower your body back to the starting position.
  • Keep your torso straight and motionless during the movement of the exercise.

5. Front Squat

Front squats may develop the quadriceps and glutes that you are eyeing for. Little did you know, that the front squat exercise can also be a great supplement to building a defined back. Reason is because your back muscles must work overtime to keep your torso upright so you do not tip forward. Keep a tall chest and your upper arms parallel to the floor throughout the movement.

  • Grab a barbell and place it in front of you across the tops of your shoulder.
  • Raise your upper arms until they’re parallel to the floor.
  • Lower your body by pushing your hips back and bending your knees until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor, do this without letting your elbows drop.
  • Push your body back to the starting position.

Try these exercises and see which suits you best and whether it will have the desired effect. Remember that you also need to take a lot of rest between training and ensure that you keep eating varied and healthy food.

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