Posted 08 Dec 2017

11 Party Hairstyles That Will Make You Fall In Love With Hair

This Christmas season gives you the perfect excuse to wear colourful bows and sparkly things in your hair. Do you know adults can make it through the entire month without feeling like kids?


Check out these new, never-seen-before party hairstyles on Beauty Guide.


1. Get All Bowie in Glitz And Blitz

Glam up your Cinderella bun this Christmas with an oversized glitter bow hairclip. They embellish any hairdos and they look amazing!

Cinderella bun


2. Put A Ribbon On It

How pretty is this simple hairstyle? If you know how to tie a shoelace, you can do this hairstyle super quick using any colourful ribbons.

Ribbon hairstyle


3. Christmas Tree Braid

Straight hair makes this look neat. Just do a simple braid that can be loosen up in each step as it goes wider; all you need is a star headband on the top of your braid to call it a Christmas tree.

Christmas braid


4. You Can Do Asymmetrical

There’s a way to rock an asymmetrical updo without looking as though you’re attending a wedding. A handy tip: lose those floral head accessories.

Asymmetrical updo


5. The Great Gatsby Look

Pull off a vintage headband that splashes elegance over your low messy bun, and you’re good to go.

Vintage headband


6. Sweep That Pony To The Side

A low, side ponytail looks great on every girl and it’s totally easy to style. Create a few loose waves and soft curls to look fresh and chic.

Low, side ponytail


7. Stay Back, Hair

Sometimes all you need is to push your fringe back when it gets in the way of your face, spray mousse around your hair for volume, and you’re ready to party.

Grunge hairstyle


8. Big Hair Don’t Care

Turn up the volume of your hair through big waves and sexy curls. Then crown your head with a piece of sleek headband.

Headband on big hair


9. The Half Up Half Down

Amp up your everyday hair with this half-up, half-down styling that look va-va-voom for any occasions. Inspired by Ariana Grande, this hairstyle is absolutely stunning and cute. This beauty trend never goes out of style.

Ariana Grande hairstyle


10. The Slicked Back Glam

Step into the party with this glossy slicked back hair. This bold and edgy style oozes power and accentuates strong facial features.

Glossy slicked back hair


11. Party Like A Rockstar

A side braid ponytail is gorgeous and especially exciting when you tease the hair roots. Look at that, isn’t it incredibly Pinterest-worthy?

Punk hairstyle


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Are you stoked to get all the oohs and aahs with these sexy hairdos this Christmas season?

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