Posted 16 Nov 2015

Understanding skin problems and how to get rid of them

Every once in a while, everyone has had a close encounter with whiteheads or blackheads. But what really tanks self-confidence is having severe acne, that is also very irritating. Ditching these self-esteem nullifying breakouts is important but first you must define the different types of acne.


Whiteheads are good to start with because they can be rather confusing! When you hear the word whitehead, your brain will probably immediately refer to the white ‘head’ that is on a red pimple right? Well, apparently those are called pustules. Confusing isn’t it?

Either way, whiteheads are practically clogged pores that are not yet inflamed or exposed to the air. Below the surface of the skin, the pores get blocked with oil and dirt, and that is why they remain closed, preventing you from really seeing or noticing anything, except for feeling those little bumps when you run your fingers over your face.


Black heads are very common for every type of skin. Basically, blackheads are the same as whiteheads. There is only one difference, with blackheads, they have already been exposed to air. That is also why they have a different color.

Now, having these rather small skin problems is clearly very annoying. What are the remedies to blackheads and whiteheads? What cures are there to resolve these problems? We recommend applying jojoba oil to the problematic areas because of its similarity to your sebum’s molecularity. It will go into the pores easily and will quickly dissolve the plug and unclog your skin.

For an optimal effect, you can also add some super fine sea salt to your facial routine for scrubbing. This is a good trick If you would like to exfoliate your skin mildly. Finally, some say that eating a lot of green vegetables with leaves helps a lot as it helps to detox your body.

Sebaceous filaments‚Äč

Ever heard of sebaceous filaments? Pretty much everyone copes with this skin problem. You probably think that those tiny dots around your nose and other areas are blackheads. While in reality, these ‘black dots’ aren’t clogged pores at all. The small tubes in your skin that provide your pores with sebum give your skin oil glands. The sebaceous filaments are usually lighter in color, and cannot be felt by touching them. The sad thing is, it is impossible to make them go away. Whenever you want to make them go away, they will fill right back up.

So there is no need to stress about these annoying black dots, unless they get inflamed or infected. They are perfectly normal and healthy.

Inflamed acne‚Äč

Acne occurs when your pore gets inflamed due to hygiene, chemical products, clogged pores, or irregular hormone. When a pore gets inflamed, it swells up, becomes red, and often starts to hurt.

There are different types of inflamed acne, the first one is a small red bump. They are usually not filled with pus and therefore it’s absolutely forbidden to squeeze them. You will only make it worse and scar your skin in the end.

Pustules acne

Pustules are the stereotype zit. Hard to the touch, inflamed, red, and full of pus with a yellow or white head. Even though it is super tempting to pop or squeeze them out, just like with papules, do refrain yourself from doing so. Acne is mainly genetically transmitted, and sometimes there is really not much that you can do. However, most of them go away naturally, in time.

It is possible to use over-the-counter acne lotions, soaps or creams that contain peroxide, salicylic acid, and sulfur as treatment options. They dry out the top layer of the skin and will absorb the excess oil that causes the pore to get clogged. Avoid oil-based products as much as possible. For women, some birth-control pills help regulate the hormones and works well to control acne. Isotretinoin is also a very good remedy for all types of acne, and it usually does its job almost immediately. 

Nodules and cyst

The final, and worst skin problems in our list are nodules and cysts. These are very large, and very painful bumps under the skin. Generally, they generously take their time to go away, and almost always leave their marks behind (scars). Nodules are just very hard bumps under the skin that do not contain pus, while cysts are pus formed under the skin and feel like a sac filled with fluid. 

How to get rid of these bad boys? Your best bet is to go see a dermatologist. They will decide either immediate removal of the nodule or cyst by a small incision is necessary (if it gets inflamed) or prescribe oral antibiotics and other medications.

To conclude, everyone knows now that it’s a taboo to squeeze, pinch, tap, or do anything else that involves touching your inflamed, or clogged pore. Eat health and drink a lot of water, that mantra will help your skin to remain smooth and hydrated.

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