Posted 14 Dec 2015

Top 10 Tips to Make the Most of Vaseline.

Vaseline is amazingly versatile. There are many things you can do with just this one product. Originally created to heal cuts and burns, Vaseline has since evolved beyond that. Now a beauty must, the list of its benefits are huge. 

In case of a beauty emergency, this multi-tasking jelly can take the place of a variety of products for your lips, eyes and even for your cheeks.

Here are some Vaseline tricks you will definitely want to add in your beauty routine!


1. Exfoliate your lips.

To get rid of the dry skin on your lips, exfoliation is the thing to do for a smooth finish. This can come quite in handy especially when you are going to wear a matte lipstick. Applying lipstick first without exfoliating your lips, will accentuate all those dry flaking skin and cracks. You don’t want to bring negative attention to your lips.

For your own DIY lip exfoliant, mix some sugar and Vaseline together. Not only will this scrub your lips, but it will also moisturize it at the same time. So, gently scrub your lips for about 2 minutes and rinse off. All the flaky skin will be removed and you will get instant baby soft lips! Keep using Vaseline as a lip balm to keep them moisturized throughout the day! 

Get soft baby lips with Vaseline


2. CreamIFY your Makeup.

Cream blush is a much more blendable product that gives this super natural look! Turn your favorite powder blush into cream by mixing in a little bit of Vaseline and apply on your cheeks for that extra pop of color. Of course, you can do the same with your eye shadows.

If you are in a pinch and don’t have any lipstick available or if you need a particular shade, you can certainly mix some Vaseline with your chosen eye shadow color. You get a lipstick that is your own unique shade and one that will keep your lips smooth.

I love this idea, as it can really transform your makeup.


3. Highlight your skin.

Get those envious K-pop stars dewy skin easily with Vaseline. This ideal product will illuminate your skin, making it appear healthier especially if you are going for a simpler, natural look. Simply dab some Vaseline on your cheekbones, brow bones and bridge of the nose. When the light will hit your face, the Vaseline will reflect it, creating a wonderful dewy sheen.

Go easy on the product. The goal is to give you a beautiful glow and not appear greasy!


4. Make perfume last longer.

You have a favorite perfume but it does not last. Or, you have a long night ahead and would like your perfume to stay throughout. Don’t worry, the nifty Vaseline is here to help you! Before spraying your perfume, apply a small amount of Vaseline on your pulse points such as your wrists, behind your ears, and inside the elbows.

The warmth that emits from those pulse points will activate the perfume while the Vaseline absorbs the scent for a more lasting effect. 

Vaseline absorbs the perfume for a lasting effect.


5. Fight dry skin.

Fix rough feet with the jelly. Every day, before bed, apply thick coats of Vaseline on the feet and put on woolly socks. The sock will lock in the moisturizer for a deep hydration and smoother skin.

The moisturizing element of the product can also help with problem areas such as the elbows and the knees.


6. Make your legs glow.

Show your legs without any fear simply by applying Vaseline. The petroleum jelly will give your legs a nice glow and at the same time get rid of dry skin.


7. Tame your hair.

Keep your eyebrows on fleek all day by applying some Vaseline. Especially helpful for taming stubborn eyebrows, dab a little bit of Vaseline and smooth it in for perfect arches throughout the day. For a more defined look, a spoolie or eyebrow comb can be used.

Besides, the versatile product can also create sleek hairstyle looks. Tame those baby hairs and frizz by working some product in after the hairstyle has been made.

Remember! A little goes a long way!

Kim K Famous Sleek updo


8. Remove your Makeup

Makeup remover are expensive and runs out easily. An inexpensive option is using Vaseline instead. A product that is gentle on the skin, yet can remove stubborn makeup such as mascara or false eyelashes’ glue. Apply a thin layer and gently rub the makeup off your face.


9. Help with jewelry.

When you don’t wear earrings often, the holes can reduce in size. It can be quite a trouble, not to forget, painful if you try to insert the earrings back in. Rub Vaseline over your ear lobes and on the earrings before insertion. The lubrication will cause the earrings to slide in much more easily and painlessly.

Ring not coming out? Remove stuck rings with Vaseline as well.

Fit earrings easily.


10. Ease your manicure/pedicure.

It’s always annoying when the nail polish goes onto the skin and you have to clean up afterwards with cotton swabs. Vaseline can make nail polish application faster! Yes that’s right! Reduce your effort with the amazing product simply by applying a thick coat around your nails. This will prevent the nail polish from setting on the skin. After your nail polish has dried, easily clean the vaseline up with tissues for the perfect, speedy mani/ pedi. 



Do you have more Vaseline Tips?

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