Posted 19 Nov 2015

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Make up

Make up can be incredibly tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are so many kinds of foundations, blushes, mascara’s, and that’s not even half of the products available. Is a primer really necessary? Are there any specific rules I need to follow? How do I apply eye shadow? A lot of questions, and not without reason, makeup requires specific skills. But with this guide you will be able to do it like a pro!

Since this is a guide for beginners, we are keeping it simple and start with the basics. First of all, we would like to say that makeup is not there to change you, it is simply there to be you. And now on to the real products.

Step 1:

Makeup brushes; this is very important because with what else will you be applying all your powdered or liquid makeup with? Try looking into a set of brushes instead of individual ones, they are often more expensive. Such a set normally includes; a fluffy powder brush (to set powder to you face), a blush brush (to apply blush to the cheekbones), an eye shadow brush (very small, in order to apply eye shadow on your eye lid), an eyeliner brush (typically to apply liquid eyeliner with), and finally a pair of tweezers. Obviously the last one is not a brush but it can come in very handy whenever you need to touch up your eyebrows for example.

Step 2:
Then we have concealer, it is a cosmetic used to mask pimples, dark circles, or any other red blemishes. Concealer is usually applied first in your makeup routine. They hide, conceal, and will aid giving the skin an even colour.

Step 3:
A cosmetic that is even more important is foundation. This will be applied all over your face, and make sure you don’t forget your neck, you don’t want it to look like you are wearing a mask. That is also why picking the right colour is key. Make sure you test the foundations along your jawline in several lighting environments.

Step 4:
To set your concealer, a tinted powder is required. It helps to finish your look, while mattifying your overall appearance, and to avoid an oily shine on your face.

Step 5:
Blush! Yes, we love blush. It is a makeup or cream form that comes in many, many colours. It is frequently used to add a healthy glow to your cheeks. Bronzer can also be used for the same purpose, this is all up to your liking. The bronzer is there to contour and the blush is there to spark a little colour on your face.

Step 6:
Mascara, almost used by everyone. Various brands, many different kinds, but all for one purpose. If you want to darken, thicken, colour, lengthen, or define your lashes, mascara is there to help. Mascara can be bought in several colours; black, brown, or blue for example. If you want to define your lashes, but think that black is too harsh for your face, brown is perfect. Blue can be really pretty, try to find some looks that suit you.

Step 7:
Some neutral eye shadow is always good, whether you are leaving for work, or going out for dinner. It’s used to make eyelids stand out and comes in every colour possible. For a natural look, a neutral tint is the best.

Step 8:
Eyeliner is used to define your eyes, and can be applied on top of your eyelash bow. It draws attention to your eyes and comes in two different types; liquid gel or a pencil. Also here, all the colours of the rainbow are available. Make sure you keep it subtle and go for black. It helps making your eyes look bigger.

Step 9:
Lip gloss, and lipstick may be a bit too much for you if you just started doing makeup. A very good alternative is tinted lip-balm. It moisturizes, and gives your luscious lips some colour.

Step 10:
And now, the final step! Clearly you want all your makeup to stay as good as possible after you have put in so much work. And thus a little trick, grab your hairspray and gently spray a little hairspray over your face. This will help keeping your makeup in place.

We hope you can walk around confidently with your freshly make-upped face now. Do however keep in mind that true beauty comes from within, and everyone is beautiful in their own way. Makeup allows you to be who you are, experiment with colours and find out what suits you best.


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