Posted 02 May 2017

Putting Your Skin to the Test in One of the Most Dangerous Places on Earth – The Ijen Volcano

A staggering 2799 meters above sea level sits Indonesia's Ijen Stratovolcano. A “mountain of fire” on the island of Java, which has two of the most unusual occurrences on Earth. The first is an active solfatara which emits hot, flammable, sulphurous gases that ignite as they enter our Earth’s oxygen rich atmosphere. The gas condenses in the atmosphere to produce flows of molten sulphur that burn electric blue. The flames can be difficult to see during the day but stunningly illuminate the landscape at night. Secondly, it is home to a one kilometre wide Caldera lake filled with the most beautiful turquoise water. The amazing colour is a  result of extreme acidity and high concentration of dissolved metals. With a pH as low as 0.5, it is the world’s largest highly acidic lake.

Si Young is an award-winning Korean actress and a respected boxer. In 2009, she appeared
in two movies and three television shows which were based base on a very successful
Japanese comic that was also a huge success in Korea. This propelled her to stardom and
allowed her to expand her career. Since 2009, she has acted in more television shows and
movies, as well as variety shows and music videos. She sometimes helps to write song lyrics as she dabbles in singing, and has provided vocals for some of the songs on the soundtracks of the shows she has appeared in. In addition to that, she has continued her career as an amateur boxer and has won several titles in her weight division including the 24 th National Amateur Boxing Championship. Now this outstanding actress and national boxer, ventures into one of the most magnificent but dangerous locations on earth - Indonesia’s active Ijen Volcano - taking on the strains of harmful sulphurous fumes.

SK-II Face the Wild, Face the Camera campaign is in partnership with National Geographic
to create a series of four short films shot in extreme conditions. The testing expedition at the stunning Ijen Volcano is where the renowned Korean actress Si Young tries to overcome the hazards of an active volcano, surviving sulphur rich air, high temperatures and a highly dangerous climb. Si Young has another challenge to overcome after the expedition; the camera.

Gases emerge from cracks in the volcano at high pressure and temperature—up to 1,112°F
(600°C). When they come in contact with the air, they ignite, sending flames up to 16 feet (5
meters) high. These volcanic gases, chemically rich sulphuric clouds, and high acidity
conditions destroy our ecosystem. Si Young had to trek through the hazardous environment
in a gas mask. She found it difficult to breathe and open her eyes, and was definitely worried for her sensitive skin. “It was just so hard to breathe because of the dust and gas, and I was unable to open my eyes at the Ijen Volcano in Indonesia. But even under this extreme environment, the Facial Treatment Essence kept my skin great. After I trekked in these conditions all day, I was really worried about this photo shoot. My skin is sensitive and this extreme environment makes it worse. I was worried but the photos looked great, so I am happy. My skin defeated the extreme environment of this volcano,” she said.

For over 35 years, SK-II has touched the hearts of millions of women around the world by
helping them attain the miracle of crystal clear skin. It all began at a sake brewery in Japan.
Scientist noticed elderly workers had wrinkled faces but amazingly soft and supple hands.
Their hands were in constant contact with the sake fermentation process. After years of
research, scientists isolated the miracle ingredient Pitera, a naturally-derived liquid from the yeast fermentation process. It has now become a special secret shared by celebrities such as Cate Blanchett around the world.

For many years I have spoken about the profound effect that this 'miracle water' has had on
my skin... Having used SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for 15 years I can confidently say it
has not only transformed my complexion, but quite possibly changed the destiny of my skin as well. - Award Winning Actress Cate Blanchett

Pitera has amino acids, vitamins, organic acids, minerals and over 50 micro-nutrients that
condition and transform the skin along with the five dimensions of texture, radiance,
firmness, spot control and wrinkle resilience critical to crystal clarity . It also locks in
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such as UV and pollution.

See for yourself what the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence can do for you. The results are
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