Posted 08 Mar 2018

Mermaid Hair: 13 Ideas That Will Make You Insta-ready All Day

By Phyllis T.


Mermaid hair flatters any hairstyle... long hair, short hair, wavy hair, curly hair, straight hair. It is one of the most beautiful hair trends that is here to stay for some time to come. Mermaid hair is a beautiful blend of ocean-like colours. A soft mix of teals, blues, purples, and violets.


Check out these 13 dreamy mermaid hair ideas that will brighten your life. Dare I say it, YOLO.


1. Take a dive into the legendary, big blue sea with your daring personality. Follow Dory’s advice: Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!

Mermaid hair


2. Add a splash of purple for a mysterious and elegant accent. Look totally chic and edgy with a regular three-strand braid.

Mermaid hairstyle


3. Surf across these sterling silvery-blue waves. It’s sexy and bold. An incredibly badass look that says: You don’t wanna mess with me!

Silver mermaid hair


4. Channel your sassy Miss Aquamarine Barbie. Wear a fishtail braid to transform your look from casual to dressy in just a minute.

Bright mermaid hair


5. When a unicorn went for a swim in the ocean and looked ever more magical, mystical and mythical. And so can you!

 Mermaid beach hair


6. Pink beach is one of the most fascinating things to see. Fall into a fairytale with rosey pink hues.

Pink mermaid hair


7. For more pink beach vibe. Sweet like cotton candy love.

Mermaid life


8. Indulge in this beautiful fairy-like blue ombre hairstyle. It’s subtle, dazzling, exotic and stunning in every dimension.

Blue ombre


9. Food for thought: What’s better than being a mermaid who owns a unicorn and friends with fairies?

Shiny mermaid hair


10. Get playful with a french braid on the side. How can you resist a selfie with that amazing hairdo?

Mermaid hairdo


11. When your inner mermaid and unicorn decide to get married in paradise, you just have to say ‘I do!’

Curly hair


12. Short hair, don’t care. Create a multi-coloured rainbow explosion with this gorgeous pastel mermaid hair.

Pastel hair


13. Shimmy your way downtown with this striking electric underlights. It’s enigmatic. Everyone loves it.



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Take courage and go all-out. Get the mermaid hair you desire. Do you have what it takes to colour your hair mermaid? Do those bright and vivid mermaid colours that you see on Instagram excite you?


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