Posted 27 Aug 2015

Are hair mask and hair conditioner the same?

For most of us hair care-freaks, we always reach for hair mask after shampooing. Without it, the ends of our hair tend to look dry and frizzy. What better feeling that having tresses that feels nice, soft and smooth after hair mask (or conditioner) treatment? But what is exactly the difference between a hair mask and a conditioner?

The most prominent difference is the texture of the two products. Overall, hair mask is thicker and richer than normal conditioner. It differs in the sense that some conditioners tends to be runny and lumpy while most hair masks would easily slip through our hair and fingers without dripping on the bathroom floor.


Find the most suitable hair products for your hair


This is mainly due to the amount of water used in the product’s ingredients; hair masks generally contain a lower percentage of water, making them more concentrated and thicker than conditioners.


Is that the reason to let the masks soak in longer?


The packaging of hair masks often state that you need to leave it in your hair for 3-5 minutes while most conditioners would recommend you to leave it on for only 1 minute or to “rinse immediately”.

Some may think that a little strange since hair masks and conditioners consist mainly of ingredients that are intended to coat your hair. These products provide a layer of coating on the strands of your hair, helping to smooth and boost shine, while protecting your hair from exposures such as sun or pollution (also to help prevent split ends).


Wide toothed comb help spread hair product evenly on hair


It doesn’t really matter how long you leave the products on your hair, after you’ve applied hair mask or conditioner evenly through the hair, you can rinse it immediately. The only real key is that you have to distribute it evenly through the ends (for those of you with oily scalps, be sure to avoid getting the products on your scalp to avoid greasy hair). It will help to have a wide toothed comb in the shower, as it can make hair-detangling process a whole lot easier when you apply your hair smoothing products.

This whole process can take up quite a few minutes, especially if you have thick and long hair. But once the products are spread through your hair it doesn’t make sense to leave it any longer. The coating is in fact already on!

Voilá, we’ve just saved you some precious time in the bathroom, especially when you’re late for work!


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