Posted 25 Nov 2015

7 tricks to get rid of baggy eyes

Those black circles around your eyes can be incredibly annoying. They are a sign of stress and fatigue. Getting rid of this ‘tired’ look is easier than initially thought. And no, it is not only the famous cucumber on your eyes. These tricks will help you to make your eyes less baggy and help to return your youthful look again.

1. The first trick is probably the most well known, the cucumber relief. These long and green vegetables are a great natural remedy for eye puffiness. If you take two pieces of cold, refrigerated cucumber, you have to put them on your eyes for about half an hour. During this time, you clearly cannot open your eyes, and therefore a suggestion would be to just relax and perhaps you could even take a nap. You will feel refreshed after, and the cucumber will naturally help reduce the puffy tissues.

2. The second one is a bit similar, but then with a potato. I hear you thinking, a potato? Yes! Potatoes also have a natural way of reducing puffed areas. After refrigerating the potato, slice the whole potato in two. Gently place each half on each eye and make sure it covers your whole eye, including bags. Leave it like that for 15 to 20 minutes. The bags will be incredibly diminished in size and you will have a fresh look again.

3. The third remedy probably sounds a bit strange too. For this one you will need some cotton pads and some milk. This is a regular regime that helps for extremely puffed eyes. Dip the cotton pads in some cool milk and place the pads on your eyelids. Just like the other tips, try to relax, or even zone out for a while. The milk will aid your eyes in water retention and will cool the bags off as well.

4. Combat bags with bags, sounds weird but it helps! The kind of bags you need are teabags. Super easy for a quick treatment at home, moisten two of the teabags in cold water and put them in the fridge. After a while, you can take them out and they will be cool enough to place on your eyes. Lie back and relax for 25-30 min with the teabags on your eyes. There is a chance that the teabags start leaking and you might get some on your skin as well. Luckily this is not even bad, tea is good for your skin too. Just make sure that you finish with washing your face with cold water, and end with drying your skin thoroughly. It can also be done with a green tea, or chamomile bag. The natural assets of these herbal teas will help bring puffy eyes back to their original size.

5. This one maybe very logical, but not always easy. Drink enough water! Water is basically good for everything; skin, hair, organs, and keeping your body hydrated in general. Due to stress or being busy, people tend to forget to drink the recommended amount of 2 Liters a day. So drink as much water as you possibly can. Hydrating yourself leads to less puffiness.

6. The sixth trick we would like to tell you involves chilled water and some vitamin E oil. First, take some chilled water in a bowl, add a few drops of vitamin E oil to it, and then mix it all together. Dip some cotton pads in the mixture and place on your eyes for 20 minutes or longer. The pads will help reduce the swelling around the eyes.

7. The final remedy is with spoons and iced water. The puffiness of the eyes can be reduced with the help of a glass of ice water and four stainless steel spoons. Chill the spoons in the water and then place one over each eye. Keep switching the spoons while letting the other one chill in the glass of water. Keep switching until you see improvement.

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