Posted 27 Feb 2018

12 Times The Colour Of The Year 2018 Will Make You Look So Much Better

By Phyllis T.


Ultra Violet is the season’s coolest colour. It is the go-to colour of the year 2018. You can pretty much get away with anything in ultra-violet. The Pantone’s 2018 colour of the year is totally freeing, liberating and empowering.


Even Queen Elizabeth is ahead of the fashion trend game.

Royal Fashion


Ultra-violet makes up beautiful colour combinations effortlessly. Mix and match with bright or dull colours, or even multi-colours. The choice is yours.


Discover 12 exciting ways to wear ultra-violet with pride, prejudice and glory.


1. Match With Bright Colours
Pick a trendy colour on days when you want to look fashionable for work, without going over the top.

Ultra-violet skirt


2. Pair With Any Colours (Just To Prove A Point)

Ultra-violet works with any colours, even the unconventional ones. The only limit is your imagination.

Ultra-violet top


3. Suggest The Mysteries Of The Cosmos

They say glitter can be tricky to wear. But I say ultra-violet wears the glitz. It compliments your look without suggesting you are trying too hard.

Ultra-violet dress


4. Walk The Ultraviolet Walk

If you’re not convinced to dive into the world of ultra-violet completely, go for a walk in these intimidating heels.

Ultra-violet suede


5. Diffuse A Drama With Plain Kicks

The sneaker and dress style is the ultimate easy outfit formula. Invest in an ultra-violet dress that you can wear with your sneakers.

Ultra-violet dress


6. Pull It Off With Panache

There’s a lot you can do with ultra-violet. Well, would you look at that? It looks great with denim jeans.

Ultra-violet top


7. All Is Well With Multi-colours

How to marry unconventional prints, patterns and colours together? You guessed it. It’s ultra-violet.

Ultra-violet top


8. Take A Wow In UV Jumpsuit

If you want to go full-on with jumpsuits, glam up with an ultra-violet one. Amp up your look with a furry accessory.

Ultra-violet jumpsuit


9. The Enchantment Of The UV Colour

One way to beat the heat: rock in this sweeping, ruffled maxi skirt with a cropped top. Think you’ve seen it all? Think again.

Ultra-violet skirt


10. Hit All The Right Notes

How to wear a minimalist outfit without looking boring? Embed your look with a cute, miniature UV handbag for a pop of colour.

Ultra-violet handbag


11. UV Makes A Vibrant Case

Ultra-violet is one of the maddest and greatest hair colours ever existed. This hair colour easily flatters your glamorous and mysterious persona.

Ultra-violet hair


12. Slay It In Ultra-violet Jeans

Ultra-violet jeans is your new trusty denim. The new going out pants, reinvented. Keep it neutral with Zendaya.

Ultra-violet jeans


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What do you think of ultra-violet as the colour of the year 2018? Are you pumped to rock in this trendy colour on the street?


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