Posted 24 Nov 2017

12 Secrets About Makeup Tips That Everyone Should Know

‘Less is more’ — the no makeup, bare faced beauty trend — does not apply in the world of makeup. Be bold and show the world the face you feel best in. Whatever makes it easier for you to face the day. Follow these makeup tips that will make you feel brand new.



Rule 1: Never put too much mascara on your bottom lashes.

Tip 1

Why not? It’s the fastest way to make your eyes look bigger. And it works better than hard eyeliner in defining that doll-eyed look.



Rule 2: Smokey eyes should be kept for nighttime.

Tip 2

Pish-tosh. Well-applied makeup is timeless. Smokey eyes look amazing anytime, anywhere, any day.


Rule 3: Match your eyebrows to your hair colour.

Tip 3

Oh please. Brows that are naturally darker than hairshades make for a gorgeous contrast. Matching colours are unnecessary. Think Billie Piper and Cara Delevigne.


Rule 4: If you’re going to pout in bold colours, play down your eye makeup.

Tip 4

Solid Meh. In what world do you ever have to pick just ONE thing? Makeup combinations are not about life and death; not like The Hunger Games.


Rule 5: Your lip liner should match your lipstick.

Tip 5

Who made up this rule anyway? Lip contouring gives you fuller-looking lips for an effortless pout à la Kylie Jenner.


Rule 6: Blush and bronzer do not go together.

Tip 6

But what is more amazing than a rosy flush to the cheeks as a great indicator of health? Wearing a bit of colour on top of your bronzer only makes it look more believable.


Rule 7: Do your face makeup first, then do your eyes.

Tip 7

Doing your eyes first is the cleanest way to achieve an airbrushed look without ruining the face makeup.


Rule 8: Don’t match your eyeshadow and lip colour.

Tip 8

Different shades are great, but you do not have to stick to this! You can make this look really soft and subtle, or utterly bold - it’s up to you.


Rule 9: Face contouring isn’t natural.

Tip 9

When done right, contouring brings life to your natural features. It’s perfect if a girl wants to rock a ‘minimal’ look with all her best features defined.


Rule 10: Eyeshadow should always be blended well.

Tip 10

Perfectly blended eyeshadow is fabulous, but sometimes a girl just needs a rainbow on her lids!


Rule 11: Never wear dark lipstick when the weather feels warm.

Tip 11

Dark lips are great whether cold or hot, summer or winter, day or night. It stuns year-round.


Rule 12: Nude lips only complement smokey eyes.

Tip 12

Nude lips are flattering with smokey eyes, true. But nude lip colours are also pretty, classic, and flattering on everyone. Always keep an open mind.

How long have you been following these makeup rules? Are you excited to break away from some of these rules?


Makeup gives us space to celebrate ourselves and express creativity.


Which makeup tips do you love most? Are there any makeup rules that weren’t mentioned here?


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