Posted 15 Dec 2017

11 Christmas Nail Art That Will Make You Stand In Awe

by Phyllis T.


Gone are the days of doing your nails with a single colour. Why not two, three, or more colours? In the spirit of Christmas, set yourself free and live your dreams to flaunt your personal style and creativity. Don’t miss the top 11 Christmas nail art that all girls should try.


1. When you see a fair isle manicure, you will know that Christmas is here. Get a steady hand to draw the details using white acrylic paint.

Fair isle mani


2. Get ready for this festive occasion with the classic snowflake and reindeer design. Keep it neat with matte nail polish.

Matte mani


3. You don’t even need colour for this nail polish. Nail art on natural nail is a huge trend right now and it saves you a lot of time.

Natural nail art


4. How can you wear 10 santa suits at once? On your nails, duh! It's a great Christmas design and it’s so easy to paint for nail art beginners!

Santa suit mani


5. Give yourself a pop art manicure inspired by santa hats to make your nails look fun-filled because Santa Claus is coming to town. What are you waiting for?

Pop art mani


6. Ho! Ho! Ho! Are you on Santa’s naughty or nice list? Make Santa the face of your nails and you will be on his good side right away.

Santa's face mani


7. If you’re not so fussed about getting every nail to have the same design, get creative with this all-in-one Santa manicure on your nails.

Glitter Santa mani


8. Who can ever get tired of blue skies? Better yet, who can ever say no to these ombre nails? They glam your look completely and they look magical!

Ombre nail art


9. Did you know that red and gold are a great classic colour combo for Christmas? Let the nails speak for themselves. They’re super chic and stunning!

Christmas tree mani


10. Getting Christmas presents for your family and friends can be stressful. Why not pamper yourself, gift your nails and forget all about the problems?

Bow mani


11. We might not get a snowy Christmas, but that doesn’t mean your nails can’t. Channel your inner ice queen for these statement-making mani. They’re totally worth it!

Ice queen mani


Which Christmas nail art are you getting? Are you ready for Christmas?


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